Slovak media after Raków’s promotion. Spartak did not take advantage of the great opportunity “Football

– Congratulations on his promotion. We knew we wouldn’t have many opportunities to score in the rematch, so we wanted to be as effective as possible. It didn’t work out, however, because we wasted good chances in the first and second half. Who knows how this meeting would have turned out if we had taken the lead 1-0 – Michal Gasparik, the coach of Spartak Trnava, said after the rematch in the third qualifying round of the European Conference League.

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And he added: – If you are not effective in competing with such an opponent, you cannot think about promotion. We lost him a week ago, in the first game. However, I must admit that Raków performed better as a team and in terms of players’ skills.

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– We wanted to keep the 0-0 score as long as possible and we succeeded. We wanted to be the first to score a goal and put pressure on Rakow, but here we have already disappointed. We have not been effective. If it were otherwise, we would have a chance to fight for a promotion – said Spartak’s defender, Matej Curma.

Slovak media about the defeat of Spartak with Raków

The Slovak media are mainly writing about the ineffectiveness in the rematch after the match. “Spartak played a good match and by the 68th minute he could still hope for a promotion. However, Gasparik’s team lacked efficiency, which cannot be said about Raków. The hosts used the first opportunity to score, won and deservedly advanced” .

“It is a pity that Miłan Ristowski did not use two chances to score a goal. If at least one of them ended with a goal, Spartak’s chances would be much greater” – journalists from wrote.

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“After defeating 0: 2 in the first match, the situation of Spartak was difficult, but Gasparik’s team believed in the promotion. The team played offensively, but it was not enough, because they could not convert the opportunities they created into goals” – we read on the portal.

“Spartak did not take advantage of the great opportunity and failed to repay Raków. Gasparik’s team lost 0: 1, despite the fact that Ristowski had two great opportunities earlier” – this is the portal.

Raków’s rival in the fourth round of LKE elimination will be Slavia Praga.

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