Sigewinne: Set, build, abilities, stats

Here you will find everything you need to know about Sigewinne and its build.

Presentation of Sigewinne

  • Rarity : ★★★★★
  • Element : Hydro (Hydro element genshin impact 2)
  • Armed : Bow
  • Seiyu : Hina Kino
  • Birthday : March 30
  • Arrival date Sigewinne banner : June 25, 2024

Official description : “ Melusine's head nurse at Meropide Fortress. She takes care of all prisoners fairly. »


Sigewinne Skills

Sigewinne genshin impact 1 3

Active skills

  • Normal attack: Targeted treatment : Chain up to 3 consecutive attacks.
  • Charged attack : Performs a more precise aimed shot dealing more damage. When aiming, the arrow charges with the Hydro element. Once the charge is complete, Sigewinne fires mini-delicabubbles at regular intervals that slowly move towards the target, dealing Hydro damage. Upon release, an arrow imbued with the power of torrents deals Hydro damage to the enemy hit.
  • Plunging attack : Fires a shower of arrows from the air and dives to the ground, dealing area damage on impact.
  • Bouncing hydrotherapy : Sigewinne uses a specially designed bubble gun in Meropides Fortress to blow healing water bubbles that can stimulate blood circulation and help patients sleep peacefully. Healing water bubbles bounce between nearby enemies, dealing Hydro damage based on Sigewinne's max HP to enemies hit. When bouncing, the healing water bubbles restore the HP of all characters on the nearby team (except Sigewinne) according to Sigewinne's max HP. A healing water bubble disappears and restores Sigewinne's HP according to her max HP after bouncing 5 times. If no enemies are nearby, healing water bubbles will bounce around. There can only be one healing water bubble created by Sigewinne at a time. When pressed for a long time, the healing water bubbles can be charged.
    • Long press: Performs a charge in aim mode to blow an even bigger and more powerful bubble of healing water. The healing water bubble grows in size as the long press is held, until it grows twice, each time increasing damage dealt by 5% and healing done by 5%. When a large healing water bubble bounces, it shrinks by one size, until it becomes a normal healing water bubble again. Weaker enemies that get hit by large bubbles of healing water are immobilized and unable to move. Additionally, using this ability allows Sigewinne to generate 2 drops of spring water nearby. Each drop of spring water that Sigewinne absorbs grants her a life bond worth 10% of her max HP.
    • When Sigewinne's life engagement is canceled, every 2,000 points of life engagement restores her elemental energy by 1 point. Sigewinne can recover a maximum of 5 elemental energy points this way.
    • Arkhe: Ousia: Regularly, a fluid blade descends to the location hit by a bubble of healing water to inflict Hydro damage charged with ousia energy according to Sigewinne's max HP.
  • Supersaturated injection : Sigewinne takes out a specially designed syringe in Meropides Fortress to attack the area in front of her with waves of kindness and medicine, dealing area Hydro damage continuously based on her max HP. Additionally, using this ability allows Sigewinne to absorb up to 2 drops of spring water within range.

Passive skills

  • Adequate rest required : Using Bouncing Hydrotherapy grants Sigewinne the effect Semi-Forced Rest for 18 sec: grants an 8% Hydro damage bonus and 10 stacks of Analepsy. When an elemental skill of a character who is part of a nearby team but not deployed (apart from Sigewinne) inflicts damage, a stack of analepsy is consumed to increase this instance of damage: each increment of 1,000 Max HP above 30,000 that Sigewinne possesses increases damage by 80 points, with an instance of damage being able to be increased by a maximum of 2,800 points in this way.
  • Careful treatment prescribed : When Sigewinne performs healing, the amount of healing increases according to the total current vital commitments of all characters on the team: each 1,000 points of vital commitment increases the healing by 3%. Healing can be increased by up to 30% this way.
  • Emergency dose : Underwater, if your deployed character's HP falls below 50%, he recovers HP for a total value equivalent to 50% of his max HP over 2.5 sec, but his elemental and physical resistances decrease by 10% for 10 seconds. This effect can trigger once every 20 seconds.


  • “Can the happiest mind understand anxiety? » : Bouncing Hydrotherapy healing water bubbles can bounce 3 additional times and the first 3 bounces do not make the large healing water bubbles smaller. In addition, the passive ability “Adequate Rest Required” is improved: each bounce of the healing water bubbles grants 1 stack of Analepsy to Sigewinne and the damage bonus generated by Analepsy is modified, every 1,000 HP max above 30,000 that Sigewinne has now increasing damage by 100 points. Damage can be increased by a maximum of 3,500 this way. The passive ability “Adequate Rest Required” must already be unlocked.
  • “Can the most merciful of spirits defeat enemies? » : During the duration of Bouncing Hydrotherapy and Supersaturated Injection, Sigewinne generates a bubble shield that can absorb damage equivalent to 30% of its max HP and is effective at 250% against Hydro damage. Additionally, when a healing water bubble from Bouncing Hydrotherapy or Supersaturated Injection hits an enemy, the latter's Hydro resistance is reduced by 35% for 8 seconds.
  • “Can the healthiest of minds cure fever? » : Skill level Bouncing Hydrotherapy +3.
  • “Can the most beautiful spirit counter decrepitude? » : Oversaturated Injection duration increases by 3 seconds.
  • “Can the happiest spirit ease agony? » : Skill level Supersaturated injection +3.
  • “Can the most radiant of spirits pray for me? » : When Sigewinne performs healing, she increases the critical rate and critical damage of Oversaturated Injection according to her max HP: each 1,000 max HP she has increases the critical rate by 0.4% and damage reviews by 2.2%, all for 15 seconds. Critical Rate can be increased by up to 20% and Critical Damage by up to 110% in this manner.

How to play Sigewinne?

As you will have understood, Sigewinne is a healer type character who will heal your team while allowing you to easily apply Hydro to trigger elemental reactions when she is not on the field. She will only be present to activate her elemental skill, and that's it.

Who to play Sigewinne with?

Sigewinne can be a very good support for teams with Furina, thanks to its healing. It can also provide a good boost to teams based on Electro or Dendro reactions.


Best equipment Sigewinne

What weapon for Sigewinne?

  • White rain rope : The character's signature weapon
  • Curved bow : A three-star weapon to upgrade to refinement 5 which will be perfect for the character, thanks to the PV boost

Best set for Sigewinne

  • Ocean Shades Clam (2 or 4 pieces) : To play on healer boosts.
  • Song of days of yesteryear (2 or 4 pieces) : Like the previous one, a set which acts on the restoration of PV.
  • Millelith Tenacity (2 pieces) : Will greatly boost Sigewinne's HP.
  • Vourukasha Glow (2 pieces) : Same as the previous set.
  • Ancient royal ritual (2 or 4 pieces) : Can be used to fill in if you don't have the other sets.

Which hand stats to prioritize over accessories?

  • Hourglass genshin impact logo 8 hourglass : HP%
  • Genshin impact logo 9 cup Cut : PV%
  • Genshin impact logo 10 crown headdress Headdress/Crown : HP%

What sub-statistics first for Sigewinne?

  1. HP%
  2. Critical rate
  3. Critical damage
  4. Energy recharge

Elevation and aptitude materials Sigewinne

Sigewinne elevation materials

Here is everything you will need to level up Sigewinne:

  • Level 20 : 1 x Varunada Lazurite Shard / 3 x Rosemary Flower / 3 x Transoceanic Pearl / 20,000 moras
  • Level 40 : 3 x Varunada Lazurite Fragment / 2 x Water that has not transcended / 10 x Rosemary Flower / 15 x Transoceanic Pearl / 40,000 moras
  • Level 50 : 6 x Fragment of varunada lazurite / 4 x Water that has not transcended / 20 x Rose-maritime flower / 12 x Transoceanic piece / 60,000 moras
  • Level 60 : 3 x Piece of varunada lazurite / 8 x Water that has not transcended / 30 x Rose-maritime flower / 18 x Transoceanic piece / 80,000 moras
  • Level 70 : 6 x Varunada Lazurite Fragment / 12 x Water that has not transcended / 45 x Rosemaritime Flower / 12 x Xenochromatic Crystal / 100,000 moras
  • Level 80 : 6 x Varunada Lazurite Stone / 20 x Water that has not transcended / 60 x Rosehip Flower / 24 x Xenochromatic Crystal / 120,000 moras

Sigewinne Ability Enhancement Materials

  • Transoceanic Pearl / Transoceanic Chunk / Xenochromatic Crystal
  • Teaching / Guide / Philosophy of Equity
  • Whirlwind Eye Without Light