Should Microsoft be afraid? PlayStation has snapped up a new studio

In the competitive world of the gaming industry, takeovers are always making headlines. After Microsoft and Sony went through a buying spree in recent years, PlayStation is now announcing the latest addition to its partner portfolio: the Istanbul-based In the-Studio Shadowfall Studios.

Shadowfall Studios may not be known to many gamers yet, but the studio is currently working on a promising debut title, which will be released under the provisional name Project Daeron known. It seems that Project Daeron has shown enough potential to attract PlayStation's attention and secure them a place in the prestigious PlayStation portfolio.


PlayStation's studio partnership strategy

Sony is actively pursuing a strategy of partnering with promising studios worldwide, with a particular focus on India, China and, more recently, the African continent. This global search for new talent has now resulted in a partnership with Shadowfall Studios By supporting indie studios, such as providing PS5 development kits and publishing on the PlayStation Store, Sony is enabling these small studios to have a wider reach and better market their games.

PlayStation Partner Program Achievements

The PlayStation Partner Program has already produced several indie titles that have been very successful. These titles include Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Powerwash Simulator and Returnal. With the inclusion of Shadowfall Studios and her debut title Project Daeron With this program, Sony is once again showing its support for indie developers.

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Project Daeron: An Insight

On the Website of Shadowfall Studios There is already some information about Project Daeron. The game is based on Turkish mythology and features an evil protagonist who must fight against shamans and occasionally gods. The story focuses on a two-player co-op system, but will also feature a single-player feature.


In terms of gameplay, Shadowfall Studios a “fast-paced, hybrid combat system” that allows players to combine magical and melee skills. A rune crafting system is designed to improve players' arsenal. Additionally, a “complex AI system” is mentioned that supports both offensive and stealth gameplay approaches.

A promising outlook

The up-and-coming studio has received a lot of attention thanks to the announcement of its PlayStation partnership and is planning a reveal trailer for Project Daeron Maybe then the real name of the game will be revealed.

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We're definitely excited to learn more about the action title, as it features a unique setting from Turkish mythology that has rarely been used in video games before. We'll keep you updated with the latest information. What do you think of the Project Daeron material shown so far?

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