Shotcut Video Editor Update on 06/24

Available video editor release Shotcut 24.06which is developed by the author of the project MLT and uses this framework to organize video editing. Support for video and audio formats is implemented through FFmpeg. It is possible to use plugins with the implementation of video and audio effects compatible with Frei0r And LADSPA. From features Shotcut can be noted for the possibility of multi-track editing with video composition from fragments in various source formats, without the need to first import or re-encode them. There are built-in tools for creating screencasts, processing images from a web camera and receiving streaming video. Qt is used to build the interface. Code written in C++ and is distributed under the GPLv3 license. Ready-made assemblies available for Linux (AppImage, flatpack And snap), macOS and Windows.


Among the changes in the new release:

  • Added an AV1 video encoder based on the SVT-AV1 library, which allows achieving higher encoding speeds on systems without hardware acceleration support for the AV1 format by using the hardware parallelization capabilities available in Intel CPUs.
  • Added support for images in the format AVIF (AV1 Image Format), which uses intra-frame compression technologies from the AV1 video encoding format.
  • Added Drop Shadow filter for creating shadows using alpha channel (the filter is applied to content with transparent background, such as a text layer overlayed on top of content).
  • Added video filter “Brightness” (“Vibrance”), which differs from the “Saturation” filter by focusing on adjusting not all but the current saturation parameters, for example, so as not to distort skin tones.
  • Added a Mid-Side Matrix audio filter to convert spatial audio recordings from Mid-Side microphones (two microphones, one directed at the sound source and the other placed to the side) into regular stereo sound.
  • Added support for intermediate recording to DJI LRF (MP4) files.
  • Improved processing of video with variable frame rates.
  • The builds have updated versions of Qt 6.7, dav1d 1.4.2, FFmpeg 7.0, OpenCV 4.9.0 and VMAF 3.0.0.
  • Added test assemblies for the Windows platform, compiled for the ARM64 architecture.

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