Short story “All That’s Left” about Sa’har Kateen

Since the recent patch of Star Wars: The Old Republic (Update 7.1 “Dig Deeper”) Sa’har puts Kateen in the spotlight, it’s only fitting that the fresh on the official website of the MMORPG published short story “All That’s Left” is about the wayward, Force-sensitive Twi’lek and her personal search for her missing brother.

Excerpt for “All That’s Left”


That voice – so familiar despite the years since she had last heard it. She sounded impossibly far away, but close enough that she turned her head in search of her owner.

“Sa’har – is that you?”

The voice, distorted at the edges by echoes, was louder now. Closer. She ran toward it, but her feet were heavy…like lead.

“Sa’har! I always knew you would find me. I… am so glad to see you.”

And there he was.

Sa’har reached out to the brother she hadn’t seen since she was brought in to train with the Jedi. As her fingers drew closer, she saw fear and hopelessness in her brother’s gaunt face. A heavy, rusty chain encircled his neck.

The moment Sa’har’s fingertips touched the cold metal of his bonds, the image blurred before her eyes. A low, pulsating hum grew louder and louder. An unbearable heat slid over her body. She grabbed her brother impetuously, with both arms, but he crumbled under her hands, like dirt and ashes.


Sa’har frantically called her brother’s name as she awoke, but the only response was the steady rumble of a ship’s engine. As her vision slowly cleared, she saw the durasteel ceiling of the ship’s sweltering lower decks. She was drenched in sweat, her limbs twisted in the rough blanket on her cot.