Shocked and Disappointed: The Billionaire Saga Cancellation in Hollywood

Culture news “I’m stunned” He still can’t get over the cancellation of this billionaire saga: Hollywood didn’t hesitate


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Hollywood and the world of cinema are sometimes cruel! When it comes to cleaning up his sagas, nothing is safe. Even this cult saga has disappeared from the schedules.


Even films that grossed millions can disappear overnight. Thus, actors find themselves removed from their roles, while the industry quietly moves on to something else. The feeling is sometimes similar for fans, who can no longer immerse themselves in these universes. Obviously, some people protest with petitions or tweets, but that doesn't always work. Here, even one of the main actors remains still in shockwhile it is certain that the third film in this saga would undoubtedly have found its audience.

An unexpected change of direction

Among the companies that have recently cleaned up, it is surely DC which has caused the most ink because of its “cinematic universe”. To leave the field open to his new CEO, James Gunn, it was necessary to cancel all the planned sagas and films. As well as getting rid of its star actors or finding a new cast for superheroes. It was therefore necessary to make a lot of sacrifices, including that for the film Wonder Woman 3. While it was well planned by the production teams and Gal Gadot, it was ultimately canceled due to turmoil at the company. Even today, while many rumors continue to swirl around the feature film, Chris Pine is still in shock. As a reminder, the actor plays the character of Steve Trevors, Wonder Woman's companion, as well as an aviator.

I'm stunned that they said no to a billion dollar franchise and decided to change course. I don't know what reasoning there is behind this decision; It's beyond my skill set, but Wonder Woman is an incredible character. — explains Chris Pine to Business Insider.

A failure at the box office?

It is true that the two Wonder Woman films far exceeded box office expectations. The 2017 one even surpassed scores obtained by Batman Vs Superman, and finished with more than 800 million dollars raised in the world. A great performance, even though it only cost $150 million. It quickly became the most lucrative feature film directed by a woman in history.

For 1984, on the other hand, it is true that the public response was much more lukewarm with only $169.6 million raised, but we were just emerging from a global pandemic. In itself, the result is not so catastrophic. Unfortunately, Wonder Woman 3 remains, for the moment, canceled despite these scores. In addition, Chris Pine's opinion is not necessarily likely to change James Gunn's mind. If the latter wishes to revive DC, he already has plans concerning a new moviewhich he is not likely to modify.

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