Share files without hassle – between computer and mobile phone

Sharing files between different devices is often cumbersome. For example, many people try to send emails to themselves only to discover that the file is too large to email. This problem arises especially when working with digital photos and movies.

However, as long as the gadgets are on the same network, it is unnecessary to bother. The Snapdrop website offers a simple solution – which is completely free. All you have to do is browse to Snapdrop’s site with any browser – on both devices. You will then be assigned a random name (for example Pink Quokka). This name, along with the device type (for example, Windows Edge) is the only thing revealed.

To send a file, click on the other’s icon and select the file you want to send. He then receives a message and can choose to save the file or say no to it. You can also right-click (or tap a little longer on a touch screen) to send a text message.