Shadowverse announces future roadmap and holiday promotions for smartphone e-sports

Cygames broadcast a special live broadcast program of the full-fledged smartphone e-sports “Shadowverse” on December 14th, “Shadobas Channel SP 29th Latest Information Release Live Broadcast”. In the program, in addition to new card pack information, new story information, and year-end and New Year campaign information, following the announcement of “Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond”, the future operation policy of “Shadowverse” will be announced. Also published.

■“Shadowverse” future roadmap

・In-game schedule
From summer 2024 onwards, it will continue to operate in parallel with “Shadowverse Worlds Beyond”. We are planning updates that will allow everyone to enjoy card battles in the future, so please wait for future announcements for details on each update.


・Tournament schedule
Until the release of “Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond”, this will continue as usual. Details of each tournament will be announced at a later date, so please check back for future information. The top winners of “RAGE Shadowverse 2024 Spring” and “RAGE Shadowverse 2024 Summer” will be invited to the new international competition “Shadowverse WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP” with a prize of 10 million yen, so please continue to participate in RAGE. I am.

・Linkage elements to “Shadowverse Worlds Beyond”

Depending on how you play Shadowverse, you will be able to acquire in-game items and use the battle results function in Shadowverse Worlds Beyond.

・Each Grand Master’s sleeve
・In-game items based on rankings and winnings in tournaments
・In-game items depending on the leader skin you own
・“Shadowverse” performance function
*Contents may change without notice.
*Excludes some characters such as collaborations.

In addition to the above, we are planning to prepare elements that can be carried over from “Shadowverse” and rewards that can be obtained through collaboration. Please wait for further information on the details of the inherited elements.


■Shadowverse is also available during the year-end and New Year holidays! Campaign information released!

*Details on each campaign can be found in the announcements on the “Shadowverse” official website or on the official X account (@shadowverse_jp).
*The period and contents of each campaign are subject to change without notice.

・Up to 20 packs free every day winter campaign

During the “Up to 20 Free Packs Every Day Winter Campaign”, during the campaign period, when you log in for the first time every day, you can select and open one of the displayed treasure chests and receive rewards such as up to “20 Free Packs”. can.

[Event period]December 16th 12:00 to December 26th 4:59

・Up to 35,000 ether bombing winter campaign

During the “Up to 35,000 Ether Explosion Winter Campaign”, you can take on two types of missions: “Battle Victory Mission” and “Red Ether Mission”. In the Battle Victory Mission, you can earn 400 Red Aether each time you win a battle, and the Red Aether Mission has three different missions, and you can earn 500 Red Aether each time you complete one. If you complete all battle victory missions and red ether missions, you can earn a total of 3,500 red ether per day, and if you complete all missions every day during the period, you can earn a total of 35,000 red ether.

[Event period]December 16th 12:00 to December 26th 4:59

・Card with leader skin confirmed!Order shift card pack set sales

We will begin selling the “Card Guaranteed with Leader Skin! Order Shift Card Pack Set,” which is a set of 10 “Order Shift Card Packs.” This is a great set that allows you to optionally set cards with leader skins that you have already acquired to be excluded from the cards with leader skins that are guaranteed to be released at the end of the 10th pack.

[Sales period]December 16th 12:00 to December 25th 23:59

・Special format

For a limited time, special formats can be played in room matches.

[Event period]December 16th 12:00 to January 5th 2024 4:59
[Format]“All Star 2Pick” “Gem of Fortune” “Legacy Decks” “Strategy Pick”
*Details on each format can be found in the announcement on the official “Shadowverse” website.

・Ho-chan room match campaign

“Ho-chan Room Match Campaign” is a campaign where you can win 500,000 rupees if you win. During the period, if you compete in a room match once a day, your application for that day will be completed, and if you complete the mission, your chances of winning will increase.

[Event period]December 26th after maintenance to January 5th, 2024 4:59

・Ho-chan Bingo

“Ho-chan Bingo” is a campaign where you can use the “Ho-chan Bingo Tickets” obtained through missions to open bingo squares and earn rewards every time you complete a bingo. In addition to completing bingo, you can also receive random rewards by opening the squares where treasure chests are installed.

[Event period]December 26th after maintenance to January 5th, 2024 4:59

■Shadowverse is also available during the year-end and New Year holidays! Rowen stickers are now on sale!

For the year-end and New Year holidays only, Rowen with various facial expressions is now available in entertainment prints as fun stickers! You can purchase Lowen stickers from the multi-copy machines installed at LAWSON and FamilyMart stores nationwide (some stores are not compatible).
*The 2D code and content number required for purchase can be found in a post posted from the official “Shadowverse” X account (@shadowverse_jp) on December 16th.

[Sales period]December 16th 0:00 to January 5th, 2024 23:59
[Sales price]300 yen (tax included)

■New story “Purge Edition -Part 1-” added

The first half of the story “Purge Edition -Part 1-” will be added in the update on December 26th. Also, after maintenance on December 26th, you will be able to skip battles in all stories other than the “Purge Edition” even if you have not cleared the chapters. Details can be found on the official “Shadowverse” X account (@shadowverse_jp).

■Latest card pack “Resurgent Legends” information released

・Card pack overview
“Resurgent Legends” is the 31st card pack of Shadowverse. At the end of December, 95 cards, “cards with leader skins” and “cards with different illustrations” were added. The 31st additional card will be added in February.

This card pack features new cards such as “Destiny Saint Io” and “Charlemagne, King of Calm”, as well as characters such as “Dark Alice” and “Ginger” from past card packs that reappear as “Resurgent cards.” .

The time when it flows down
Wind backwards
old and new
Achieving an encounter…
“Engrave a new era”

・To commemorate the release of the new card pack, we will give away 10 card pack tickets!
10 “Resurgent Legends Card Pack Tickets” will be distributed as a gift from the management office. Scheduled to be distributed after maintenance on December 26th. Details can be found in the announcement on the official website that will be released at a later date.

・《Splendid Lady Elvira》 now available as a card with leader skin

A new card with leader skin “Splendid Lady Elvira” (CV: Mariko Kokuda) will be released from “Resurgent Legends”. “Splendid Lady Elvira”, which was chosen as number one in the 7th anniversary popularity poll, comes with a home background in addition to a sleeve and emblem.

■Card included with special clothes skin!Resurgent Legends Card Pack

“Resurgent Legends card pack with cards with special clothes skin included!” In addition to cards with leader skins included in the 31st card pack “Resurgent Legends / Resurgent Legends”, “cards with special clothes skin” sold in the past Included! Cards with limited-time leader skins such as “Glorious Saber Aurelia” and “One-Eyed Dragon Date Masamune” that appeared in “Eight Hells of Hell Azvolt Card Pack” are included.

[Sales period]After maintenance on December 26th – January 6th, 2024 23:59

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