Sète: the hospital publishes a thank you letter that feels good!

It’s not that common… so let’s put positivity in the spotlight.

In these times when the pressure around the covid is spinning, depressing and sometimes making you very aggressive. Where uncertainties can shake up the strongest. Where sometimes, balances hang by a thread… Small joys deserve to be considered big. And highlighted.

A nice patient message

This is what the hospital of Sète has just done, by publishing on social networks this word sent by a grateful patient.

A very nice thank you. “You were able to comfort me, support me (…) I know, you are going to tell me ‘it’s our job, we’re here for that’. So I’ll tell you that a lot of people do their jobs and that their jobs Without worrying about others. At a time when we dress up the slightest hydrocephalus from which we manage to get a sound out of the star, I assure you, you are great, never doubt it, even if it bothers you. .”

These are words we should use much more often: “Thank you”, “formidable”, “never doubt it”.

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