Sensor Tower releases October worldwide mobile game sales ranking: “Monster Strike”, “Wrestleri”, and “Prospi A” lead in revenue growth

Sensor Tower has announced the global mobile game sales ranking for October 2023, with Tencent’s Honor of Kings reaching $222 million on the global App Store and Google Play in October 2023. Recorded revenue and ranked first in global mobile game revenue rankings. Following the update in late September, the game will introduce a new skin, “Kaiyue – Wang Pai Shinsei,” and offer benefits such as multiple skins returning for a limited time during the Golden Week, a long holiday in China. maintained strong momentum. On October 28th, the game celebrated its 8th anniversary, with a new Shibifuuka skin series and a large-scale event. With these rich content updates, the game not only maintains its top spot in the global mobile game sales rankings, but also moves up to second place in the revenue growth rankings.

Krafton’s “PUBG Mobile” (combined revenue with “Hehei Seiyo”) ranked second with $137 million in revenue. 57.7% of its revenue comes from the Chinese iOS market, followed by the US market at 8.8% and the Indian market at 6.1%. On October 13th, a new event for “President Huang” was launched and ranked third in China’s iPhone game revenue rankings. On October 27th, the collaboration with Happy Poker started, and the game’s revenue on that day reached the peak of October, reaching $10 million.


miHoYo’s two main titles stood out. “Genshin” announced the new character Riosesuri, limited-time items, and the return of Wenty, and game revenue soared, returning to second place in China’s iPhone game revenue rankings. “Collapse: Star Rail” released Ver.1.4 on October 11th, and introduced a new character, Kagami-ryu. It achieved its first peak in revenue in October, taking the top spot in China’s iPhone game revenue rankings. On October 27th, new characters Topaz & Cub were introduced, further increasing the game’s revenue and maintaining the top 3 spot in China’s iPhone game revenue ranking for three consecutive days. Thanks to these updates, the game jumped to 4th place in the revenue rankings, and at the same time ranked 3rd in the growth rankings.

Furthermore, looking at the revenue growth rankings, Japanese companies were particularly active. MIXI’s “Monster Strike” collaborated with the popular IP “Tokyo Revengers” on October 1st, introduced 5 new characters, and provided a variety of event content to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the same work. Next profit rose. On October 15th, a collaboration with “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders” will begin. The two-week event included the introduction of popular characters, quests, mini-games, and more, and the game topped the iPhone game revenue rankings in Japan for 21 days in October, with monthly revenue increasing by 71% month-on-month. , which rose to the top of the monthly growth ranking.

Atelier Wrestleriana: The Forgotten Alchemy and the Liberator of Polar Night, released by Koei Tecmo Games in late September, maintained excellent market performance in October, increasing revenue by 278% month-on-month. , ranked 7th in the growth ranking. Konami Digital Entertainment’s “Professional Baseball Spirits A” topped the iPhone game revenue ranking in Japan on October 25th, coinciding with its 8th anniversary event, and topped the ranking for five consecutive days, making it the world’s mobile game for October. It ranked 8th in the game revenue rankings.



Top 10 worldwide mobile game sales ranking in October 2023