Sega promises big things at the Game Awards

The Game Awards are a prestigious event and have proven to be the ideal setting for any new announcements for years, and Sega seems to be making no exception this year.

The one known on Twitch Streamer Curiosjoi fueled the rumor mill when they heard one received an “exclusive” letter from Segathe one with the words “New Era, New Energy. Make sure to tune in to The Game Awards, December 7th” in German: “New era, new energy. Be sure to join us at the Game Awards on December 7th” was provided. This leaves plenty of room for speculation about potential revelations on the part Sega.


The headline was further reinforced when Geoff Keighley, the creator of the Game Awardscryptically announced in a response to the streamer’s post on X (formerly Twitter): “It’s just beginning.”

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The internet is abuzz with speculation about possible announcements from Sega. Fans of classic Sega games in particular are hoping for this Revival of classics like Crazy Taxi or Jet Set Radio. These games have already been confirmed for reboots some time agowhich further increases the expectations and hopes of fans hoping for concrete information and release dates.

The question of Sega’s big announcement is being intensively discussed in the community. Fans share their expectations and desires, with the excitement palpable on social media. The range of assumptions ranges from nostalgic wishes for sequels to popular classics to speculation about completely new franchise revelations.


Sega has proven in the past that they are good for surprises, and we can’t wait to see what the “new era” and “new energy” have in store for us. The Game Awards on December 7th promise an exciting night for video game enthusiasts worldwide. A question for our community: Which announcement from Sega would you be particularly excited about?

Source: Curiosjoi and Geoff Keighley via X/Twitter