Secure your Microsoft console on Black Friday for less than ever

For the gamers among us who are particularly interested in Microsoft’s consoles, there is exciting news: The Xbox Series Xconsidered the fastest and most powerful console of the current generation, is now available Amazon with a strong one Discount of 27 percent to purchase. So their price drops to just 398.99 euros.


The Xbox Series X takes the gaming experience to a new level with features like Xbox Velocity Architecture, Backwards compatibility across four console generations, access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and the Smart Delivery feature.

What the Xbox Series X has to offer

As part of the latest generation of Microsoft’s gaming consoles, the Xbox Series At the center of the console is the Xbox Velocity Architecture, a combination of specially developed SSD and software, which ensures fast loading times and smooth performance. This results in games loading almost in an instant, significantly reducing waiting times.

A key feature of the Xbox Series X is its backwards compatibility. Users have access to one extensive library of gameswhich spans four generations of Xbox consoles, including Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the Original Xbox. This feature makes it possible to enjoy a wide range of games, from classic titles to the latest releases.

High performance graphics and 3D audio

The console offers an impressive Graphics performance with twelve teraflops of computing power. this makes possible 4K gaming up to 120 frames per second, which ensures an exceptionally fluid and detailed display. The support for 3D surround sound further contributes to an immersive gaming experience by providing realistic and spatial audio effects.


The Xbox Series X uses Smart Delivery technology, which ensures players always have the best version of a game available regardless of which Xbox console you play on. This means games optimized for Xbox Series X will automatically play in the best possible quality.

Ease of use and connectivity

The console is also well-equipped in terms of connectivity and ease of use. The new Xbox Wireless Controllers features a share button that makes recording and sharing game content easy. The controller also offers improved comfort with a textured grip and a hybrid D-pad.

In terms of design and the Hardware architecture The Xbox Series X offers some notable aspects. The console has a innovative cooling system, which distributes heat efficiently and ensures quiet operation. The split motherboard design contributes to even temperature distribution while the Vapor Chamber enables efficient cooling of the internal components.

Get it now at Amazon for a better price than ever before

In summary, the Xbox Series X is an advanced console that has a lot to offer in terms of both performance and user experience. It is suitable for a wide range of users, from hardcore gamerswho are looking for the latest technology, to casual gamerswho want a versatile and user-friendly console.

Microsoft gives one for the console Retail price from 549.99 euros. At Amazon you currently get a 27 percent discount on this price. This means you can secure the Xbox Series X for just 398.99 euros. If you have been interested in the console for a long time, now could be it right time be there to strike.

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