season 2 promises to be even bloodier

House of the Dragon is expected to gain more intensity for Season 2, as the conflict between the Greens and Blacks intensifies.

More than a year after its launch, the series House of the Dragon is preparing its return to our screens. The spin-off of Game Of Thrones is still far from having revealed all its secrets, the conflict between the Greens and the Blacks is only in its early stages. If we will have to wait until 2024 to learn more about the Targaryen dynasty, the filming of this second round of episodes is coming to an end in Great Britain. Production is expected to end at the end of September, giving post-production teams several months to prepare for this new chapter in the history of Westeros.

If the details of the plot are still secret, for those who have not read the work Fire & Blood which the series is inspired by, some information is starting to appear on the web. Redanian Intelligencespecialized in everything related to The Witcher, The Lord of the Rings And Game Of Throneswas able to obtain the title of the first episode of season 2. The blog explains that it spoke with a source close to the production teams to obtain this information, to be taken with the necessary precaution. “A Son for a Son” would thus be the title chosen by HBO to mark the return of House of the Dragon on our screens. This choice is not trivial, it refers to a crucial element in the battle between the clans of Alicent and Rhaenyra.

Revenge, blood and cheese?

“A son for a son”, difficult not to see in this choice a reference to the death of Lucerys which served as a conclusion to the first burst of episodes. Unsurprisingly, this affront should have particularly serious repercussions. The quote is taken from a letter sent to Rhaenyra by her husband Daemon. The latter should also go to King’s Landing to give back to the High Tower clan. To do this, he will call on two characters that readers of the saga know well: Blood and Cheese.

The screenwriter and producer confirmed earlier this year the presence of the two protagonists. She confided last January that she had seized this aspect in the works of George RR Martin. “I think you won’t be disappointed”. Without going into too much detail, “Blood” and “Cheese” will work to allow Daemon and Rhaenyra to obtain redress after the tragedy that affects their clan. The first is a former butcher while the second was a sergeant in the Golden Coat Guard.

To find out more on the issue, HBO will meet viewers in 2024 at the earliest. If the series is one of the rare projects not to be too impacted by the actors’ strike, that of the writers could pose some problems in the future. The authors are often invited during post-production, to ensure consistency when editing the sequences. Without a resolution to the conflict in the coming weeks, House of the Dragon will probably have to take a break in his creative process.

Note that the start of a season 3 has not yet been confirmed. Variety nevertheless indicated that the plot elements had already been thought out to accelerate the pace and continue the journey under the leadership of Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik. If the latter has since left the project, the first continues the exploration of this lore which is far from having said its last word. Several other spin-offs were in consideration before the strike, including one evolving around the character of Jon Snow.

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