Season 2 of One Piece: Meet the members of Baroque Works

Season 2 of One Piece is expected on Netflix for 2025. The Straw Hat team will have to face Baroque Works. The casting of this organization has been partially announced.

It was the adaptation project that made fans of the manga and anime tremble, but it was ultimately a success: almost a year ago, One Piece was broadcast on Netflix. With Iñaki Godoy in the role of Monkey D. Luffy, or Emily Rudd as Nami, the series will be back for a season 2.


We already suspected a little, especially because of easter eggs, what the new episodes would be about: the criminal organization Baroque Works — which is taking control of everything in the Kingdom of Alabasta. This is what she will look like in the series.

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Nami in One Piece // Source: Netflix

The cast of Baroque Works in season 2 of One Piece

This June 25, 2024, the casting of the Baroque Works organization was (largely) announcement by Netflix:

  • Mr.3real name Galdino: David Dastmalchian (seen in the films The Suicide Squad, Oppenheimer, The Dark Night, Blade Runner 2049 ; or the series The Flash, Gotham, 12 Monkeys).
Mr.3 // Source: NetflixMr.3 // Source: Netflix
Mr.3 // Source: Netflix
  • Mr.5real name Gem: Camrus Johnson (Batwoman).
Mr.5 // Source: NetflixMr.5 // Source: Netflix
Mr.5 // Source: Netflix
  • Mr.9 : Daniel Lasker (Raised by Wolves).
Mr.9 // Source: NetflixMr.9 // Source: Netflix
Mr.9 // Source: Netflix
  • Miss Valentine (or Mikita): Jazzara Jaslyn (Lioness)
Miss Valentine // Source: NetflixMiss Valentine // Source: Netflix
Miss Valentine // Source: Netflix

Note that Mr.7 appeared at the very beginning of the adaptation, in the guise of actor Ben Kgosimore. He then confronted Zoro. It was a slight change from the manga and anime.

And Crocodile in all this?

No casting for Crocodile, leader of the Baroque Works organization, has been announced. However, many fans believe that Crocodile appeared early in the series. And that it is, in the adaptation, a woman.


Crododile from episode 1 of One Piece? // Source: OnePiece/NetflixCrododile from episode 1 of One Piece? // Source: OnePiece/Netflix
Crocodile from episode 1 of One Piece ? // Source: Netflix

Another character should normally be present in this season 2 (if we are to believe the showrunner himself): Dr. Kureha, the 141-year-old doctor from Drum Island. No casting announced yet, however. Maybe Nico Robin will also be there, but there has been no announcement or statement to that effect.

When to expect season 2 of One Piece on Netflix?

Season 2 of One Piece will be released on Netflix in 2025. Filming is just about to begin. A little more patience, then.

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