Seagate confirms to start supplying 22TB hard drives with SMR technology

Seagate (Seagate) confirmed in a recent earnings call with analysts and investors that it has supplied 22TB hard drives to some interested partners. Using Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) technology, it is currently the largest capacity model on the market and will serve very large data centers.

据SeekingAlphareport, Seagate CEO Dave Mosley said that Seagate’s strategy provides manufacturing flexibility and improves the overall cost efficiency of its common platform. At this stage, the capacity of CMR products has been expanded from 16TB to 20TB, while SMR products have been expanded to 22TB. . These SMR products are mainly aimed at hyperscale users who need to maximize storage density and can use software to manage SMR technology. Since SMR products become extremely slow when repeatedly erased and written, data centers using these products will make targeted optimizations to ensure their performance.

Seagate has not announced the specifications of this 22TB hard drive for the time being, and it is uncertain whether there are other differences compared with the previous Exos X20 20TB hard drive, except for the use of SMR technology. Previously, Seagate’s 20TB hard drive using heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) technology has been sent to designated customers for evaluation and deployment. While Seagate believes drives with HAMR technology paired with Mach.2 technology (which uses dual drives) will eventually make their way into a common platform, no timetable has been provided.

Last year, Seagate CFO Gianluca Romano said at the 2021 Global Virtual Technology Conference that the second generation of HAMR technology is being developed, and the capacity of the new hard drives may be increased to about 30TB. What is more difficult is that it requires a new generation of magnetic heads, main control chips and other supporting parts to complete, which may slow down the development of large-capacity hard drives.

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