Scanning Your Clothes to Metaverse – Facebook is working on a new system

Mark Zuckerberg has ambitious plans for the virtual world. Recently, Meta filed a patent that will enable Metaverse users to express themselves better.

Your clothes in the Metaverse

Meta (formerly Facebook) comments quite often about its plans for the Metaverse, the virtual world. In VRChat games, you can create custom avatars and thus customize your virtual self to your preferences. This time, however, Meta wants to go a step further. According to the patent published at the end of July, a system is to be created that will allow users to upload their own clothes to the Metaverse.

The user will have to take a lot of photos from which data will be collected about the color, shape and general appearance of what he is wearing. The information will then be transformed into a three-dimensional mesh based on clothes and body shape.

In computer graphics, the mesh forms the basic structure of the model, giving it its overall shape. It can then be refined by introducing certain texture maps, such as normal maps. The patent mentions that the purpose of this is to create a ‘skin-garment border’, which may suggest that the garment may even react to the user’s movements.

Does anyone need it in the Metaverse?

This is quite an interesting idea, although it remains to be seen whether it will even appear and how it will potentially work. Tons of programs and games struggle to implement realistic 3D face scans from images or video, although this is starting to change over time. The idea of ​​uploading an actual outfit that you have in real life may appeal to users who are highly individual and do not want to look like others.

Metaverse is often promoted as remote communication method with colleagues and the opportunity to spend time with friends and family who are far away. Recreating your actual appearance in such cases would probably be welcomed by many people.


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