Save €125 on Steam: Dive into a strategy game that will provide endless entertainment

Anyone looking for a good strategy game will inevitably come across the Civilization series. The fifth part of the series is now significantly reduced in price on Steam. Despite its age, genre fans should not simply ignore Sid Meier's Civilization 5.

Steam bundle lets you save over 100 euros

For fans of turn-based strategy, Sid Meier's Civilization 5 is an absolute must-buyThe mixture of fighting, building and research is still worthwhile even 14 years after its release. The fifth part of the series also has some advantages over its successor. A Steam discount on the Complete Edition of the game makes the purchase particularly tempting now.


The bundle on Steam is reduced by a proud 125.88 eurosInstead of a crazy 136.84 euros you have to only pay 10.96 euros. That's a discount of 92 percent. The offer is valid until June 21st. But keep your eyes peeled: The base game and the many expansions for Civilization 5 are not available individually. So you'll have to go for the Complete Edition to save money.

The edition includes the base game and the both major expansions Gods and Kings and Brave New World as well as 13 smaller DLCs. The total of 43 races guarantee replay value. Check out the bundle here on Steam:

Check out the trailer for Civilization 5 here:

Civilization 5 or Civilization 6?

Although Civilization 6 is already a few years old, you should not write off Civilization 5. The two games have some similarities, but also many differences that make both a offer a very unique gaming experienceThis particularly affects city planning, governments and culture, as well as the World Congress. The more realistic graphic style of the fifth part also has many fans. Even if you are already a Civ 6 pro, it is still worth taking a look back.


Civilization 6 is also on offer and is currently cheaper than ever: