SANE 1.3 released with enhanced compatibility for latest scanner models

Published package release sane-backends 1.3.1, which includes a set of drivers, a command line utility scanimage, a background process saned for organizing scanning over the network, and libraries with the implementation of SANE-API. Project code distributed by licensed under GPLv2. Release 1.3.0 was skipped due to problems in the assembly infrastructure.

Package supported 1804 (in the previous version 1747) scanner models, of which 825 (815) have the status of full support for all functions, for 825 (780) the level of support is rated as good, for 130 (129) – acceptable, and for 24 (23) – minimal . Additionally, for 499 (464) devices there is an incompletely tested driver implementation. Support for 478 (470) scanners remains unrealized.


Key changes:

  • Added new backend lexmark_X2670 to support Lexmark X26xx series scanners.
  • Added support for new scanner and MFP models:
    • Epson ES-C220, DS-C330 and DS-C490.
    • Ricoh FI-8040 and FI-70F.
    • Plustek OpticFilm 7500i and Plustek OpticFilm 8100.
    • Pixma TS8630, XK110, GX3000, G3070, G2070, G4070, G3030, G2030, TC-20M, TC-5200M, TR4500, TS8700, XK120, GX1000, GX2000, TS6630, TS7600i, TS6730, TR7800, TS7700i, TS7700A series, GX6500 and i-SENSYS MF750.
    • Dell 1135n (clone of Samsung SCX-4623F).
    • Xerox WorkCentre 3335.
  • Improved support for scanners: HP LaserJet M1005, Agfa ARCUS 1200, Xerox WorkCentre 3225, Samsung SCX-4521F.
  • Improvements and fixes have been made to the backends of avision, escl, pixma, hpljm1005, snapscan, xerox_mfp:
  • In the saned background process and the scanimage utility, the default scan buffer size has been increased to 1 MB. To change the buffer size, the “-B” option is offered.
  • Problems with PDF generation and input processing have been resolved in scanimage.
  • Added missing SCSI device names to the sane-find-scanner utility.
  • Compatibility with Clang 16 is ensured.
  • Problems with building on FreeBSD and macOS have been resolved.

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