Samsung disappoints with smartphone sales in 2021

Samsung failed to meet its sales targets for 2021. At the same time, it does not intend to fight for the customer with the price, raising it for the Samsung Galaxy S22 family.

Samsung is still the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. In 2021, sales targets were not achieved, the website reports TheElec. The disappointing sale of the family is to blame for the situation Samsung Galaxy S21. Despite this, the prices of their successors are to be cosmically high.

Let’s start with the numbers. The source website reports that the Korean manufacturer produced about 240 million smartphones in 2021. An additional 60 million were produced by subcontractors (Wintech, Huaqin). According to the source, this did not allow for the achievement of sales targets, because only slightly more than 200 million copies went to stores (the number of models produced and the number of delivered to the market varies).

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE / fot. producenta

Why is the interest in Samsung smartphones falling?

The sale of the Samsung Galaxy S21 family is to be the culprit of the whole situation. In previous years, Koreans could count on about 40 million units sold. This time 25 million of buyers found. It’s a bit strange, because in 2021 these flagships did not have to compete for a client with the Galaxy Note line.

Unfortunately, the report does not mention folded phones. However, we know from other sources that these sell sometimes better than the Galaxy S21. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is chosen one and a half times more than the basic Galaxy S21.

What are the plans for the future? Apparently, the Korean manufacturer intends to deliver 334 million phones to the market. 285 million of them are to be produced by Samsung itself. These are very ambitious plans to ensure that it remains in the first position among the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world.

Is it all doable? You will answer this question for yourself by reading our summary of leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S22 family. You will find everything there, including prices.

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