SaGa Emerald Beyond: a demo before release

Announced during the Nintendo Direct from September 2023, SaGa Emerald Beyond has since been the dream of all fans of the series Square Enixwho have probably already pre-ordered the game. But we will have to convince a slightly wider audience to buy this new title, and it is with this in mind that the publisher is announcing to us today the release of a demo, which you can download from “midnight local timeon theeShop. Amazing strategy, the content of the demo will differ depending on your preferred platform: players Switch will be able to embody Ameya Aislingwhile the players PlayStation And PC will be able to put themselves respectively in the boots of Tsunanori Mido And Diva No. 5 (not to be confused with his brother Mambo).

This new episode of this series allowing you to discover the adventures of several characters will be no exception to the rule and will allow you to play six main characters.each with a unique history and very different objectives“, Who “will go on adventures in five distinct story arcs“. You will be able to travel alongside them in seventeen different universes in order to discover completely different atmospheres and panoramas, all in “letting yourself be guided by destiny or opening a path forged by your own choices“. And SaGa Emerald Beyond will not be limited to going through each adventure only once, since “even choosing the same protagonist a second (or third, or even fourth) time for a game, the story and events will be totally different“.


The turn-based combat system will give particular importance to the order of actions, which will be displayed at all times in a corner of the screen (like Final Fantasy). You will therefore have to use your abilities wisely in order to grab as many turns as possible before letting the enemy act, or by using your combined attacks. We are promised that this system will be “the most advanced version of SaGa's turn-based combat system to date” and we imagine that, as usual, the goal will also be to find how to break the system to win fights much more easily.

SaGa Emerald Beyond will be available on Switch THE April 25, 2024. Progress in the demo will carry over to the final game.

The SaGa Emerald Beyond trailer

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