Safari is the second most popular desktop web browser in the world.

Safari is Apple’s web browser, preinstalled on every Mac, iPhone, and iPad.However, last year it lost second place to Microsoft Edge in the ranking of the most popular web browsers in the world.But new data shows that Apple’s web browser has once again overtaken Edge to become the second most used desktop web browser in the world.

Ranking of the most popular desktop web browsers in the world

Safari is once again the world’s second most popular web browser, according to Statcounter, which measures the popularity of web browsers based on data collected from multiple websites.Specifically, 11.87% of desktop users regularly use Safari, with Microsoft Edge now in third place with 11%.


Not surprisingly, Google Chrome remains the most used desktop web browser in the world with a market share of 66.13%.Compared to Statcounter data for 2022, Safari is up over 2%, while Microsoft Edge is up just 1%.Google Chrome, on the other hand, remained at almost the same percentage as last year, which shows that the browser is almost unaffected by its competitors.

Here is the full ranking below:

Google Chrome: 66.13% Safari: 11.87% Microsoft Edge: 11% Firefox: 5.65% Opera: 3.09% Internet Explorer: 0.55%

Safari 16 and its competitors

Apple adds AVIF image support to Safari with iOS 16 and macOS 13


With macOS Ventura, Apple has added some great new features to Safari.This includes web push notifications, a group of shared tabs, strong password editing, improved CSS, and passkeys — a new way to authenticate to websites with Touch ID without having to create a traditional password.

Despite this, Safari still lags behind its competitors when it comes to supporting some of the latest web standards, which is pushing some people to download alternative web browsers.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is banking on AI-powered features to bring the Edge web browser to more users.The company has integrated Bing Search with ChatGPT and the popular DALL∙E image generator.

Apple is expected to announce major updates to Safari in June at WWDC 2023.