Russians urged to abandon dollars Russian news EN

Investor Losev urged to temporarily convert dollars into rubles and place them on deposits

Alexander Losev, General Director of Sputnik Capital Management, said that cash dollars are still a popular currency. However, when managing them in a non-cash form, it is worth taking a number of actions, reported expert in an interview with Prime agency.

The investor urged the Russians to temporarily abandon dollars, convert them into rubles and place them on deposits. Now the rates remain high, which will allow you to make a profit on the currency exchange due to the difference in discount rates.

“A serious vulnerability has been discovered in the world economic system built over the years: stopping the “printing press” and raising Fed rates, breaking global commodity chains due to anti-Russian sanctions, destabilizing the energy market and other accumulated vulnerabilities, which will lead to a powerful economic crisis that has not happened since times of the Great Depression,” Losev warned.

According to the expert, world money will not disappear instantly, but the dollar will not always take a leading position in the market. “Therefore, it is necessary to get used to such currencies as the Chinese yuan and trust the ruble more,” he concluded.