Russian woman beat her ex-cohabitant and their 4-month-old son because of jealousy Russian news EN

Ural Mash: in Ugra, a woman beat her partner’s ex-wife and their 4-month-old son because of jealousy

In Ugra, a local resident beat her boyfriend’s ex-wife and their four-month-old son out of jealousy. Writes about this Telegram channel Ural Mash.

The couple came to visit the ex-wife of the man to visit the child. The kid burst into tears, after which the girl suddenly got angry – realizing that her lover already has a child.

She started screaming and waving her fists, wanting to beat her ex-wife, but she missed and hit the child, scratching him with either a ring or a fingernail.

The boy’s mother tried several times to call the police, but the former took away her phone and threw it at the wall. After a while, she was still able to kick the couple out of the house and called the law enforcement officers.

The traumatologist recorded an abrasion near the nose and bruises in the baby, advised him to contact the ENT specialist and the neurologist.

Earlier it became known that a teacher in Vladikavkaz yelled at a boy in a kindergarten and hit his head on the table. The parents of the injured child filed a complaint with the police. A prosecutor’s check has been scheduled.

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