Russian woman Anna Linnikova prepared a dress weighing 5 kg to participate in the Miss Russia 2022 contest

The Miss Universe 2022 pageant will begin on January 14 in New Orleans.The most beautiful Russian woman, Miss Russia 2022 Anna Linnikova, who is often compared to Natalia Vodyanova and called her an “improved copy,” will participate in it. KP.RU.

The publication reports that Anna has been working as a model since the age of 16, including abroad, speaks fluent English, studies French and is preparing to become an art critic.

Now Anna is in Kazakhstan, where she is applying for an American visa, since this is impossible in Russia.


Anna said that she does not diet.“Today I bought a huge package of sweets – marmalade, chocolate, waffles, buns, and have already eaten almost everything,” the beauty admitted.According to her, if her body “requests something”, she does not limit it.But the next day, she “already wants healthy food.”“Because of this balance,” the contestant believes, she is not getting better.

“And also, because I often go to the gym: I go to functional circuit training with light weights up to 10 kg and stretching, sometimes yoga,” Anna shared the secrets of harmony.

Now she is dealing with organizational issues related to leaving for the United States: you need to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, it is mandatory to visit America, apply for a visa, study with English tutors.

Anna also rehearses a fashion show in dresses.

“I have two luxurious dresses,” Linnikova said.One of her outfits is “national, made in the style of the Romanov era, based on the diadem of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna Romanova.”Her crown is made in the same motifs.

Anna speaks of the dress with admiration: “This is a completely luxurious and rich dress, embroidered with Swarovski stones – I think there will definitely be 1000 rhinestones there.”The girl is sure that from the stage her outfit “will shine and shimmer like a real diamond.”

Another dress – evening, with a train.“Stunning,” Anna said about this outfit, noting that she could not give more information about it yet.She only added that, despite the fact that “a girl should open one thing: a neckline or legs,” she “couldn’t decide, so she chose both.”At the same time, he assures that the outfit will be appropriate for the competition.

Anna also said that 91 girls will participate in the show.But she does not intend to compete with any of them, her task is to “show herself and represent our country with dignity”.At the same time, she nevertheless singled out several favorites for herself: “This is a chic blonde from Germany, charming participants from Korea, Great Britain,” Linnikova said and noted that all the participants are so beautiful that it will be very difficult to choose the very best of them.

The Russian woman also said that the Slavic type is still in fashion.“No matter how much I watch fashion shows – Paris, Milan – I see Russian girls everywhere.Therefore, there are always chances,” she said.

The winner of the Russian contest emphasized that the Miss Universe crown “is not just given to beauties”: the winner “should have her own social mission – charity, some social projects.”Anna herself helps homeless animals and plans to start projects to help sick children in December.

But on the personal front, Anna, as she put it: “silence”: there is not even a young man.She suggests that young people are simply afraid to approach her and even write on social networks because she is “with a title.”And for her it is very important that a man takes the first step.


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