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A black and white photo, a reminder of a time that no longer exists. How much romance in this photo by Romina Power

Romina Power (web source)

A 70-year-old of great class, who, often and willingly, posts photos about her past on her Instagram profile. You are romantic, Romina Power. One of her last posts published on her official account is truly melancholy.

Romina Power

Born in Los Angeles, California. She but she has long been naturalized Italian and known and appreciated by the Italian public. Romina Power, however, never forgets her own class, her own style, the result of very high-ranking origins. She made her film debut at the age of 13 and in four years she participated in 14 films, playing, among other things, some erotic roles. In short, high-ranking origins and adolescence for Romina.

In Italy we know her, of course, for her long relationship with the singer Al Bano. In fact, on 26 July 1970 she married the Apulian singer with whom she shared almost entirely her artistic career and with whom she had four children. You dramatize the story of Ylenia, who disappeared into thin air without ever knowing anything more.

With Al Bano, therefore, he shares a large part of his sentimental and professional life. In February 1999, after three years of returning to a solo career, Al Bano legally separated after 29 years of marriages.or, by his wife and artistic partner Romina Power, and the final divorce sentence was made official on 20 July 2012 by the court of Brindisi.

Joy in a photo

But the one with Al Bano is only a piece of Romina Power’s life. Romina is in fact the daughter of Hollywood film actors Tyrone Power (1914-1958) and Linda Christian (1923-2011). For the first few years of her life he lived in the United States. She had a younger sister, Taryn, who passed away in 2020.

“Amarcord driving around Rome at the age of 14 on my red Vespa 50. It was the 60s and there was a sense of freedom and joy ”she writes commenting on a black and white photo. Here she is Romina, riding the Vespa Piaggio 50 Special. A scooter that made the history of Italy, being the emblem of the economic boom. But not only that, having conquered the whole world. Including Romina and the Power family, recently arrived in Italy at that time.

Romina Power on the Vespa (Instagram) 31.7.2022 good quattromania
Romina Power riding the Vespa (Instagram)

The Vespa 50 Special. Historic moped, produced in the equally historic Pontedera plant between 1969 and 1982. It was a huge success among the young ’70s and together with the Vespa PX it was one of the best-selling models of the Pontedera company, also thanks to a campaign well thought out advertising, whose most famous slogan remains “Who Vespa eats apples (who doesn’t Vespa don’t)”.

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