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GTA 6 is already in the works and fans are asking a lot from the next title. But Rockstar Games should avoid these eight things – otherwise it will be a flop.

New York – GTA 6 has been at the top of many fans’ wish lists for years. In February 2022, Rockstar Games fans finally received the redeeming news: the next GTA title is already in development. After so many years of waiting – after all, GTA 5 was released eight years ago – fans have quite high demands and wishes for the next game and what must-haves GTA 6 needs. But they also know exactly what they don’t want. If Rockstar Games does these eight things in GTA 6, then the game is sure to be a flop.

name of the game Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6)
Release TBA
Publisher Rockstar Games
developer Rockstar North
platform PS5, Xbox Series X, PC
Genre Action-Adventure, Open World

GTA 6: With these 8 things it’s going to be a flop – shark cards, cheaters and NFTs

Fans definitely don’t want this in GTA 6: Grand Theft Auto has been delighting its fans since 1997 and new titles in the grandiose series are regularly released. Now that GTA VI is slowly getting underway, fans know exactly what to expect from the next installment in the series – and what they definitely don’t want to see. In a Reddit post, future GTA 6 players exchanged ideas and listed the things that would make the title an absolute flop.

Shark Cards in GTA 6 Online: High on the list of what would make GTA 6 a flop are Shark Cards in the next title’s online multiplayer. They are an absolute thorn in the side of many fans, because many see Pay2Win behind them. After all, if you have enough real money, you can just get some Shark Cards and then equip yourself with the best weapons in GTA Online or the fastest cars.

GTA 6: If Rockstar avoids these 8 mistakes, the game will be a hit © Rockstar Games/pixabay/Reddit: MaNu9564 (Montage)

Cheater: Cheaters are also a big problem in GTA Online and annoy most players enormously. So far, however, Rockstar Games has hardly taken any action against this problem. Fans are therefore demanding that the New York developer should take proper measures against cheaters and hackers right after the release of GTA 6.

Battle Pass und NFTs: A Battle Pass and non-fungible tokens are also on the list of many fans that would definitely make GTA 6 a flop. Many gamers probably prefer not to spend any money to enjoy GTA 6 and online multiplayer. NFTs in particular have already been discussed by many publishers and developers, but almost always got a shitstorm from their fans. Strauss Zelnick, the boss of Take Two Interactive, is also considering NFTs.

GTA 6: With these 8 things it will be a flop – more realism, less futurism

Missions, with hundreds of enemies: Another item on the list of things that make GTA 6 a flop is the lack of realism. Many fans wish there were no more missions where you have to kill hundreds of enemies. That doesn’t feel realistic, after all Michael, Trevor and Franklin from GTA V are not experienced soldiers, but “simple” bank robbers. Also in Red Dead Redemption 2, some players were bothered by the amount of enemies that Arthur had to kill.

It kind of made sense for Niko, a war-torn veteran, to be able to take down a bunch of lowly thugs/gangsters. (…) On the other hand, Michael, a retired bank robber who was able to single-handedly kill 20 highly skilled Merryweather mercenaries in his home after the premiere of the Meltdown movie, just felt completely stupid and took me out of the game completely.

Futurism, no thanks: Another feature that fans definitely don’t want to see in GTA 6 are futuristic vehicles like the Oppressor MK II. This flying motorcycle has been annoying gamers for years, because griefers in particular use it and spoil the fun of others . According to the fans, the developer should rather keep the next title realistic and not add flying vehicles or other sci-fi-like things to the game – especially not in the online mode.

GTA 6: With these 8 things it’s going to be a flop – money and prizes

The gate: On the Reddit forums, fans agree on one more thing that is sure to make GTA 6 flop: grinding. However, this mainly affects the online mode. Here many fans find it unbearable that they have to grind properly to make money in GTA Online.

For many players, grinding in GTA Online makes no sense as there is no end goal. Instead, you could save yourself the work and simply buy Shark Cards, which many people eventually do. As MaizedCorn explains: “I don’t mind grinding because I like to work hard for something you want, but in GTA Online it was absolutely pointless because all the gear you could get had no meaning and absolutely no end goal.

Man with a lot of money in his hands, money rain, GTA Online logo
Fans want less work for money in GTA 6 Online. © YAY Images/Panthermedia/IMAGO/Rockstar Games (montage)

Unrealistic prices: In the same breath, many players also claim that prices for cars and other goods should be realistic. Currently, GTA Online has unrealistic prices such as a pickup truck costing $1,350,000 while a Bugatti, a much more luxurious vehicle, is only GTA$1 million. So fans definitely want a realistic economy for GTA 6.

GTA 6: With these 8 things it’s going to be a flop – fans only want one main character

Multiple main characters: Another big hit on the list of things that make GTA 6 a flop. However, there is only limited agreement here. However, many players at least agree that they no longer want several main characters that you have to switch back and forth between. For many in GTA 5, the connection to the individual protagonists was lost and they had less fun than in previous titles.

Michael, Trevor and Franklin from GTA 5
This is what Michael, Trevor and Franklin (from left) look like in 4K. © Rockstar Games

A fan makes the suggestion that in GTA 6 you would have to choose one of several characters and then play through the entire story with him. If you want to understand the story from all angles, you would have to play the game with the other protagonists. Other fans are only bothered by the number of main characters and only want two protagonists at most. Still others prefer to experience the story with just one person.

I really hope that with GTA VI they just stick with a well-written, believable and compelling character that a player actually wants to spend a lot of time with. I’ve never felt that way with Michael, Franklin or Trevor.

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