Rockstar confirms two popular classics for the subscription service

As Rockstar Games announced, an active “GTA Plus” subscription in the next few months will not only give us the benefits we already know. In addition, the studio will add two classics to the subscription service's software library later this year.

In 2022, the “GTA” and “Red Dead Redemption” makers from Rockstar Games also launched their own online service. This is called “GTA Plus” and focuses primarily on monthly bonuses for “GTA Online” players.


After the launch of “GTA Plus,” the studio also began adding selected in-house classics to the subscription service. Like Rockstar Games in one current blog entry announced, we can look forward to two more classics that are finding their way into “GTA Plus”: “Bully: The Lap of Honor” and “LA Noire”.

However, Rockstar Games has not yet given any specific dates and only says that the two titles will become part of the subscription service over the course of the year.

The hard everyday school life and tricky detective work

In “Bully: The Lap of Honor” we take on the role of troubled teenager Jimmy Hopkins. He finds himself at a new private school and promptly causes trouble there. In the rock star classic you defend yourself against mean classmates, face injustice from the teachers or play all sorts of pranks.

Your goal is to assert yourself in the Bullworth Academy and win the hearts of the other students. The second title that will enrich the “GTA Plus” offering in the future is “LA Noire”. The detective adventure was created by Team Bondi and confronts you with various criminal cases that need to be solved.


The basics of the game include searching for clues at crime scenes and interrogating suspects. In order to realistically capture the suspects' facial features and their facial expressions, Team Bondi used new motion scanning technology.

GTA Plus offers this content

The “GTA Plus” subscription costs 5.99 euros per month. In addition to selected classics from Rockstar Games, the subscription includes, as mentioned at the beginning, monthly bonuses for “GTA Online” on the PS5. These include regular GTA dollars or access to special cash cards that have a higher value.

Attached is the official overview of all the content offered.

  • GTA$500,000 monthly
  • Access to vehicle benefits such as test drives, discounts and early access to newly released vehicles or free vehicles
  • Access to real estate benefits such as discounts, extensions or free properties
  • Outfits, designs and other cosmetic items
  • GTA$ and RP bonuses as well as discounts on items
  • Access to special CashCards for members that have a higher value

You can find further details about “GTA Plus” and the option to subscribe to the service in the PlayStation Store.

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