RocketPunch Games and Momokai Release ‘Hardcore Mecha Bravely Edition’ for Xbox

Shanghai, China-based indie game makers RocketPunch Games (developer) and Yujiai (publisher) have released the Xbox version of the action game “Hardcore Mecha Bravely Edition.” We are also running a 20% off sale for one week starting today. In this work, all aircraft are open, and you can enjoy the main game, 6 released DLCs, local multiplayer mode, gallery, etc. Additionally, a special Xbox exclusive paint job for the popular aircraft Crimson Flame is included.



■Promotional video:


■What is “Hardcore Mecha”?

Hardcore Mecha is the first Chinese game to win the PlayStation Awards for Best Indie Game. Released in 2019.


■Game overview

This work is a 2D action game that emphasizes the responsiveness of the controls, combining Metal Slug-style controls with Super Robot Wars-style production. Story mode provides players with a highly immersive gaming experience with rich stats and seamless animation. In multiplayer mode, you can choose your favorite aircraft, combine brilliant techniques, and enjoy hot, fast-paced steel duels.



■Points to note

-Elaborate story mode – 8 chapters with a total of 18 stages. Enjoy the unique mecha world created by Rocket Punch Games with a unique story.
・Unique, high-definition 2D animation – Skeletal animation that gives you a unique sense of power maximizes the characteristics of each aircraft, and smooth, natural movements lead to an exhilarating feeling of operation. In natural 2D rotation animation, by adjusting the timing of misalignment and parts switching, we achieve a 3D-like three-dimensional effect.
・Simulation battle mode – Challenge endless enemies with 42 unique aircraft, abundant reinforcement options, and various tactical combinations.
・Competitive mode – Dozens of aircraft with various bloodlines such as American, Japanese, super, real, etc. are gathered here! Each aircraft has its own tactical position, and only players who can take advantage of its characteristics will fight. Maximize your power. Prove for yourself which aircraft is the strongest in battle mode.
– Even flesh and blood can fight against mechs – In a pinch, the pilot can escape from the aircraft and take action on his own. If you manage well, you will become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.
・4x the fun – Supports local split screen mode for up to 4 people, 4x the fun with one purchase!
・Gallery mode – After an exhilarating battle, view your collection.
– All DLC included – All aircraft and colors released so far!
・(Xbox exclusive content) Crimson Flame’s Xbox version limited color – Includes the Xbox version limited color of the popular aircraft!


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