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Culture news The Acolyte unveils a never-before-seen lightsaber in live action! But why did it disappear from the Star Wars universe?


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The Acolyte series has been making a lot of noise among fans lately and not for the right reasons. Despite this, the release of episode 6 introduced a never-before-seen lightsaber, this one in the shape of a whip, it's a first. But then, why didn't we see them sooner? We'll give you the answer now.


Spoiler alert!

This article contains spoilers for episode 6 of The Acolyte series.

The Acolyte, the series available on Disney+, has recently been the talk of the town, especially among fans of George Lucas' franchise. And this is because of an element present in episode 6 released last Wednesday: a lightsaber in the shape of a whip. A weapon that had never been shown in the live-action and animated adaptations of Star Wars, although it had already been introduced in the novel The High Republic: A Test of Courage. Why didn't we see it earlier and why don't the Jedi use this weapon anymore that would make more than one dream?

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A saber that makes people talk

Introduced in Episode 6, this whip-like lightsaber is used by Jedi Master Vernestra Rwoh (played by Rebecca Henderson in The Acolyte). She is seen taking down an Umbramoth using it for the first time in the series, but it turns out that this character has been using this variant of the lightsaber for a long time already. After being promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight, Vernestra, stationed in Port Haileap, had a vision of the Force showing her how to modify her lightsaber: to transform it into a whip, she simply had to activate a ring installed on the hilt of her saber.

Vernestra Rwoh using her lightsaber whip

From here, we understand why Vernestra Rwoh is the only one to have this form of lightsaber in a Star Wars series. Especially since she wasn't the only one to use them: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Kit Fisto also had the opportunity to use these sabers in “legends” episodes (unofficial). Because we must not forget that the Star Wars universe includes series, literary works and films called “canons” (official therefore) and others that are not. But let's move on, if some Jedi had the opportunity to equip themselves with this versatile weapon, why didn't they continue to use it? There is a reason for that.

An unconventional weapon

These weapons excel in the art of combat, in part, because they are extremely offensive and far more deadly than a simple conventional lightsaber. From a defensive point of view, it is clear that a whip is not the best option, this will be one of the reasons why the Jedi no longer use this weapon: they do not need to be offensive but rather to know how to protect others. Rather, it is the Sith who will use them. They are seen using these weapons in legendary episodes of the franchise, just like the Nightsisters. These factions use this variant of the lightsaber because, being very rare, it is difficult to know how to counter it, which makes them extremely violent.

The Acolyte unveils a never-before-seen lightsaber in live action! But why did it disappear from the Star Wars universe?

The Jedi are then extremely few to make use of this weapon which, moreover, is criticized by the Jedi Council. Although once having learned of its use by Vernestra Rwoh, the latter still approved its use but reluctantly. Then, thanks to the destruction of the Sith by the Jedi and the millennium of peace that followed, the use of such a weapon no longer has any interest. Lightsaber Knights have a duty to bring peace across the galaxy without violence. Obviously, it will be unlikely that we will see a whip lightsaber again in future releases in the Star Wars universe.

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