Rewrite this title for a blog post. Remove any site names from it The title is: One Piece has been upstaged by this volume of Demon Slayer: it has broken the sales record… by a difference of 1.8 million!

Culture news One Piece has been upstaged by this volume of Demon Slayer: it has broken the sales record… by a difference of 1.8 million!


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Demon Slayer has surpassed One Piece with an impressive sales record, creating a gap of 1.8 million copies. A look back at this landmark event that shook the manga universe.


One Piece: Still among the manga monsters

One Piece 'still among the manga monsters! The work by Eiichiro Oda continues to fascinate its readers, after nearly 107 volumes (in France). In recent years, its popularity has skyrocketed. If its anime has already been on our screens for over 20 years, its live action adaptation by Netflix has managed to attract new fans. Moreover, its season 2 is already approaching and the SVOD service has already teased part of its cast. In the meantime, we will have to turn to another animated series, because even after more than 1000 episodes, One Piece gets a remake.

Demon Slayer Eclipse One Piece

It's 2020 and, surprise in the manga world, Demon Slayer Explodes One Piece. If we thought that the latter would remain eternally number one in sales, with its volume 61, well it's missed. As a reminder, this volume marked an important meeting for readers as well as for the crew of the straw hat, who would finally see each other again after two years of absence. At the time, it was another important date that readers commemorated: the release of the Demon Slayer Volume 23which is also the last in the series.

To finally discover the end of Tanjiro's adventures, fans rushed to bookstores and bought it in droves. It finally sold out 5.1 million copies to become the most purchased copy in history, according to the prestigious Japanese statistics company Oricon. That's 1.8 million more than One Piece and its 3.3 million copies.With such enthusiasm, department stores had to react and limit the number of mangas to one per person.

One Piece has been upstaged by this volume of Demon Slayer: it has broken the sales record... by a difference of 1.8 million!

On the day of its release, many bookstores quickly found themselves out of stock, because volume 23 had only been printed in 3.95 million copies, all shipped on the first day. Fortunately, the publisher very quickly announced reprints. In France, in 2022, the phenomenon was more discreet, even if fans also came in large numbers. They will also be hugely waiting for the end of the anime and season 5, which is not one. Finally, it will be replaced by 3 films. “It promises to be one of the most pop culture events epic and important From our era. “, teased Rahul PuriniPresident of Crunchyroll, who will distribute it alongside Sony Pictures Entertainment.

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