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Culture news One Piece Characters Are Full of Surprises! Discover All the Straw Hat Crew's Secrets


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The One Piece bible has just been expanded, revealing a lot of information about the Straw Hat crew, some of their secrets, but also new mysteries…


This article contains many spoilers that could spoil the plot of One Piece for you. We therefore recommend that you read the following lines provided that you are up to date on the manga.

King of bad smell

The latest Vivre Cards – true encyclopedias of One Piece characters – have just been published revealing never-before-seen information and anecdotes about Luffy and his companions. So, for example, we are given to learn crew members' shower frequencyand it's fair to say that the smell aboard the Thousand Sunny must be hard to bear! Indeed, if Nami, Robin and Sanji, the most coquettish of the team, wash themselves every day, Usopp, Franky and Chopper prefer to clean themselves every three days while Luffy, Zoro and Brook limit themselves to once a week! Jinbe, the latest member, swims every day in the sea as a fishman. But beyond this kind of amusing anecdote, Whether it's ranking their alcohol tolerance or their favorite Wano Country dish, their Vivre Card also specifies the nature of each person's powers.

So, in addition to the crew's various Devil Fruits, It also indicates the nature of their Haki (a kind of power present in every living being). However, regarding Zoro, one detail stands out: he only masters those of armament and observation. Information that does not fail to surprise and make fans react since it seems to contradict an important event of the last arc to date, namely that of the battle of Onigashima. Indeed, then facing the right arm of Emperor Kaido, King, Zoro – after having mastered Enma, a saber that belonged to the deceased Oden – seems to have used Kings' Haki, a very rare power represented in the manga in the form of black lightning. And if the Vivre Card does not officially count it among its powers, it still returns to the famous demonstration of force in question, leaving doubt hanging by saying that “Zoro's sword emitted dark lightning. Could he have the qualities of a King…!?”. Fans then think of it as a deliberate nod from Oda for a future focus of the manga on the abilities of the Pirate Hunter.


In addition to the crew members, The Vivre Cards are also interested in other characters in the work such as Sabo, who has since become “Emperor of Flames” or Jewelry Bonney, a central character in the Egg-Head arc. But in addition to that, A former editor of Eiichiro Oda took the opportunity to share various documents and sketches relating to a proto-One Piece. These date from 30 years ago, when the author was only 19, and it is clear that Many elements well known to fans were already present. The manga was then called “Forward” and its main character was named Monkey D. Pao. He then wore a bandana with spiral patterns, characteristic of devil fruits, and was accompanied by a thief called RIzel, similar to Nami.

Both protagonists also knew a character named Merry, the spirit of the rubber maker, who is over 5008 years old and whose distinctive laugh – “Wahahaha” – is similar to Nika's. These sketches are also accompanied by a note from the author which takes on its full meaning today when we know the current context of One Piece: “The person who can laugh at his weaknesses is the strongest.“. These documents date from the same period as Wanted – which was recently released as an anime -, which leads fans to theorize that Monkey D. Pao could very well appear in One Piece and be somehow connected to Joyboy's story, similar to how Ryuma is connected to Wano.

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