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Game news It won't last, but Fortnite is making the best possible decision to make ranked games even more competitive.


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The battle royale leader has made a tough decision regarding its ranked games to bring skill back to the center of the equation. The change delights players who hope it will become permanent in the future of the software!


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For its “All Sweat Summer” event, Fortnite made a big decision: All vehicles are removed from Ranked Battle Royale and Zero Build modes until July 18. A decision welcomed by players, who have long wanted to return to the original side of the software. In fact, and according to them, ranked play is, by nature, more competitive and should depend more on the pure skills of the users rather than the many random features of the game. Thus, it is now possible to play games via different matchmakings, still leaving the possibility for more casual players to take advantage of the very many mechanics that the title offers.

The choice of the studio has therefore received a more than warm welcome from the community. Some notably commented on the X post (formerly Twitter) announcing the event by saying that “100% ranked deserves to be a distinct experience without gimmicks and where everyone can coexist, which is everything competitive players have ever wanted” or “This is a big step in the right direction“. Fortnite's plans hint a return to normal after July 18however, a message from the company saying “We are following your comments very closely.” suggests that This event could be used as a test for future updates.


Despite these demands arising from the frustration of competitive players, Fortnite is still one of the titles that monopolizes more than 25% of the overall playing time alongside Roblox, League of Legends, Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto V according to the Newzoo Annual Report on PC and console games. The king of Battle Royale does not seem to stop extending his influence on the world of video games.especially with its brand new game mode: Reload. This allows you to respawn continuously as a team as long as a teammate survives. It was a huge success upon its release – regularly bringing together over 1 million players – very inspired by the Resurgence mode of Call of Duty: Warzone. The All Sweat Summer event is still ongoing and will end on July 18.

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