Reveal in a few weeks? Insider points to Showcase

In the last few days, two ratings have suggested an impending announcement about the remake of “Silent Hill 2.” According to Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb, we can look forward to a showcase next month where the remake will be presented to us.

So far we only know that the remake of “Silent Hill 2” developed by Bloober Team will be released sometime in 2024. Unfortunately, Konami has not yet given a specific date.


However, in the last few days two age ratings have indicated an imminent announcement about the remake of “Silent Hill 2”. Giantbomb's Jeff Grubb is causing additional speculation these days. As he wants to know, there will be a showcase or “State of Play” edition next month where the “Silent Hill 2” remake will be presented to us.

“I heard it was in May […] something will give. Either a State of Play or a Showcase. There probably will be,” said Grubb.

Is the reveal of the release date approaching?

The two age classifications in the USA and South Korea recently fueled rumors of an imminent release date reveal. Grubb's current statements also move in this direction. “Does this game already have a date? I can not remember. (Others answer: No, I don't think so.) Right, that's why I brought up the PlayStation thing in May,” Grubb said.

“If they don't announce a date by then – at this event – I would almost assume that it's guaranteed that we'll get a date for this game at this event,” the industry insider continued. He did not reveal where Grubb got his information from.


Despite all the anticipation, we must point out at this point that Grubb has not always turned out to be a reliable insider source in the past. Instead, he was definitely wrong in his statements and forecasts in the last few months.

Konami continues to hold back

Those responsible at Konami did not comment on the rumors of the past few days. Instead, the Japanese publisher continues to only say that the remake of “Silent Hill 2” will be released in 2024. There have recently been indications that there could actually be something up Marketing poster that a user discovered at the retailer GameStop.

These revealed that the remake of “Silent Hill 2” is scheduled for release at the end of 2024. A specific date could follow next month. At least if Jeff Grubb is right with his statements.

The remake of “Silent Hill 2” will be released for the PC and on the consoles exclusively for the PS5.

Source: Resetera

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