reMarkable shoots itself in the foot: € 7.99 per month to use Drive, Dropbox and handwriting recognition

reMarkable completely changes its usage policy and switches to a monthly subscription to take full advantage of a relatively “static” device such as an ebook reader with handwriting capabilities. Who does not sign up for a subscription it loses the cloud benefits of reMarkable, it will not have integration with Dropbox and Google Drive, and it will no longer have handwriting recognition.

From now on you pay for everything and with a salty plan of 7.99 euros per month

ReMarkable’s mindset shift began on October 12, after which those who buy a reMarkable 2 they must decide whether or not to subscribe to a monthly subscription plan.

If you don’t subscribe to a plan, you buy at a higher price (399 euros) only the device, of course without pen and cover which are to be purchased separately.

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It will still be possible to copy files to the reader from a PC, but the device will be completely closed to the outside, ie it will not be able to share the files it holds using external services.

The reMarkable cloud, which before the policy change was still free but limited to 8 GB, now becomes an (undefined) storage space in which files that are not opened within 50 days will no longer be synced with the mobile and desktop app; they will then only be available offline on reMarkable 2.

The Connect Lite plan costs 4.99 euros per month and gives unlimited reMarkable cloud space, and nothing else. There are no other services offered other than not subscribing to any plan. And the device will cost in the cart which will continue to be 399 euros.

If, on the other hand, you subscribe to a monthly subscription plan Connect from 7.99 euros per month you can buy the device for 299 euros and you will have 50 euros discount on premium accessories.

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For 7.99 euros per month you will have the reMarkable cloud with unlimited space, integration to Google Drive and Dropbox (integration only: GB of space on the two services will not be included), the Screen Share with a PC to see in real time what is being written by hand on the reMarkable, the sending of documents via email, the Fast Sync which, we quote, is the “Smoother and faster data transfer between your reMarkable and other devices, using optimized software that saves your latest changes“, and finally handwriting recognition.

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Anyone who owns a reMarkable 2 before October 12 has until October 19 to sign up for a free Connect plan. So the company is only giving old reMarkable 2 owners a week to accept the offer, because after October 19 they will also have to pay for features that other eReaders offer for free.

The email received from the former owners of reMarkable 2 to upgrade to the Connect plan for free

There was no lack of a monthly subscription on eReaders

We believe that choosing reMarkable is very risky because it combines a paid service with a device that is naturally “slow” like an ereader. By “slow” we do not refer to its performance, but for use over time and for the data that populate it over the course of its life.

For most users, the free 8GB of cloud in its former form was more than enough. Of course, we are not saying that for reMarkable those 8 GBs were not a cost anyway, but to snap any opening from the same device to the outside and providing for an integration of Dropbox and Google Drive at a cost of € 7.99 per month as a premium feature seems excessive.

Not to mention that handwriting recognition is now configured as a monthly paid service and that could still force old users, who have not been able to activate the Connect plan for free in the single week of time given to them, to pay for a fundamental and distinctive function that they previously had for free.

The concept of a monthly subscription for such devices can be jarring. It could be accepted with more confidence if it had been decided to enter a cost only for unlimited access to the personal cloud, but including the Google Drive and Dropbox integrations in the higher cost plan to tempt users who otherwise would have chosen the $ 4.99 middle one seems cruel to us.

Just as it may seem cruel to give the old owners a single week to upgrade to the full plan for free, while also causing them to lose the handwriting recognition capability they had previously used for free because they thought it was part of the cost of the device.

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