Remake of a famous video game becomes free from today

Here comes a very interesting remake of a famous video game. And do you know what the most integral thing is? Which is completely free

These are the surprises that video game enthusiasts like, real ones bargain hunters. That, whenever they are faced with a free game, they throw themselves headlong into it to be able to spend time there. And that’s what’s been happening over the last few hours, with a title that’s been part of history.

Remake of a famous video game becomes free (source pixabay)

Many have been able to use, so totally freea remake of one of the most famous video games ever. But what is the title that has entered the sector, once again, with an improved dedicated version? Many have already begun to immerse themselves in this project, which is free. There are several very interesting projects that bring beloved titles to the screen long ago, like the same Dino Crisis.

The free remake of a very famous video game… it will be yours for free

The work behind the remake of Prince of Persia, is holding us more and more with bated breath. The work we are talking about today, carried out with Exolon Redux and set up by the author Ben Jamesdeparted from the dear and old beloved Exolon. He is a professional who has managed to reproduce mechanical which, in many, remember in the original title trying in every way to preserve those details and those elements that made the original game famous. A very tempting opportunity, this, for a large number of enthusiasts. Who can get their hands on a title made up of five levels.

Remake of a famous video game becomes free
Remake of a famous video game becomes free (source YouTube)

Fortunately, the player is not completely defenseless as he can use a large number of weapons so as to defend themselves and try to avoid all obstacles that arise. This is an opportunity not to be missed, to go back in time and play that title which in the past has achieved a very important success. A title in which the player has to deal with some aliens that have absolutely nothing friendly.

In Exolon Redux these extraterrestrial entities they have defense technologies very dangerous. In fact, these include missiles, mines, turrets and much more.

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