Released in July! “Barbie” live-action movie released a new trailer: the picture is clear and super pink

According to news on May 26, the well-known toy “Barbie” is one of the toys that many people dreamed of when they were children. Even many young people have the hobby of collecting “Barbie” when they grow up.

For many “Barbie” fans, this July is quite worth looking forward to,The “Barbie” live-action movie “Barbie” directed by Greta Gerwig (“Little Women” and “Miss Bird”) will be released in North America on July 21.

If you refer to “The Little Mermaid” released in China today, there is a high probability that “Barbie” will be introduced in mainland China, so you can look forward to it.

Today, the new trailer for “Barbie” was officially released.The painting style is quite strange, the super pink storm is coming, and some plots are also exposed.In the “everyday, everything is perfect” Barbie’s world, Barbie and Ken lived happily together, but a pair of Barbie and Ken came to the real world.

It is understood that Margot Robbie plays Barbie, Ryan Gosling plays Barbie’s boyfriend Ken, Emma McKee, Dua Lipa, Kate McKinnon, Alexandra Shipp, Issa Ray and others also played Barbie, Liu Simu, Shuti Gaitwa, Kingsley Ben-Adil, Michael Cera, etc. also played Ken,There will be a lot of Barbie and Ken in the movie.

Will Ferrell, America Ferrera, and Ariana Greenblatt play ordinary human characters.

Released in July!

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