Release of Phosh 0.15.0, GNOME environment for smartphones

Available release Phosh 0.15.0, a desktop shell for mobile devices based on GNOME technologies and the GTK library. The environment was originally developed by Purism as an analogue of GNOME Shell for the Librem 5 smartphone, but then became part of the unofficial GNOME projects and is now also used in postmarketOS, Mobian, some firmware for Pine64 devices and the Fedora edition for smartphones. Phosh uses a composite server Phocrunning on top of Wayland, as well as its own on-screen keyboard squeekboard. Project achievements spread licensed under GPLv3+.

In the new release:

  • Support for sliding notification frames with screen gestures.
  • Added a VPN connection management manager, a quick VPN setup interface, a VPN authentication prompt, and an indicator icon for the status bar.
  • Provided hiding of some quick settings if there is no hardware associated with them.
  • Allowed setting arbitrary passwords to unlock the screen.
  • Improved “Run command” interface for running system commands.
  • Styling work has begun.
  • Support returned protocol gamma control.
  • Simplified debugging.


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