Release 126 of Chrome OS

Presented operating system release Chrome OS 126, based on the Linux kernel, the upstart system manager, the ebuild/portage assembly tools, open source components and the Chrome 126 web browser. The user environment of Chrome OS is limited to a web browser, and instead of standard programs, web applications are used, however, Chrome OS includes includes a full multi-window interface, desktop and taskbar. Output to the screen is carried out using the Freon graphics stack (work is underway to switch to using Wayland) and a window manager Aura. Original texts spread under the free Apache 2.0 license. Chrome OS Build 126 is available for most current models Chromebook. For use on regular computers, the Chrome OS Flex edition is offered.

Basic changes V Chrome OS 126:


  • The camera app now supports digital zoom on devices that don't support optical zoom. On high-performance laptops, to increase the quality of scaling, it is possible to use the Super Resolution mechanism, which uses machine learning algorithms to reconstruct parts.
  • Added the ability to set up a new Chromebook using an Android smartphone. A direct, secure communication channel is established between the laptop and the smartphone, through which data about Wi-Fi settings and Google account is transferred.
  • The mode of operation as an access point “Instant tethering” has been renamed to “Instant Hotspot”.
  • Added support for firmware updates for various additional peripheral devices.
  • Implemented a setting to disable navigation between pages using a swipe screen gesture.
  • Implemented a setting to disable text cursor blinking.
  • In the Select to Speak mode, it is now possible to use the magnifying glass tool to automatically enlarge the words being spoken at the moment.
  • In the “Family Link” parental control mode, it is now possible to grant rights to install certain add-ons and applications.
  • A summary calendar (multi-calendar) has been implemented, allowing you to view information about events from several calendars in Google Calendar in one window.

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