Red Dead Online: Extra rewards & more – this is what awaits you in April

April has arrived and Rockstar Games is once again providing an overview of the upcoming new promotions in Red Dead Online.


Not only GTA Online regularly receives new promotions from Rockstar Games, but also Red Dead Online. At the start of the new month of April, here is the usual monthly overview with all the new promotions and discounts in the coming weeks.

Exploring the borderland is more worthwhile than ever, because you can actually win 4x XP in free roam events until April 29th. Additionally, Call of Arms will give you 2x gold and ability card XP, and anyone who survives until wave 10 will receive the red-orange Ortega vest as a bonus.

Would you like more bonuses? 3x RDO$ and XP can be obtained in Telegram missions and in “A Land of Opportunities”. After all, double RDO$ and XP are available in the series presented.


The series presented in April at a glance:

  • April 2nd – 8th: Head for the Hills (Hardcore)
  • April 9th ​​– 15th: New Austin Series (Hardcore)
  • April 16-22: Hardcore Showdown Series
  • April 23 – 29: Hardcore Pro Series

The following rewards are available in free roam events:

  • April 2-8: a pair of red and orange fur-lined gloves
  • April 9th ​​- 15th: a 40% discount offer on an ability card upgrade
  • April 16th – 22nd: black fur shin guards
  • April 23rd – 29th: three incendiary devices and three bottles of poisonous moonshine

You can secure these monthly rewards in April:

  • Complete three daily challenges this month and receive premium cigarettes, a 40% discount on a coat, and a 5000 XP voucher.
  • Buy a weapon modification and receive 50 rounds each of high-velocity ammunition for repeating rifles and rifles
  • Additionally, craft an item in Gus' Shop and receive an offer for 50% off the Navy Revolver

The discounts in April at a glance:

  • Fast travel costs are suspended this month
  • 30% off Arabians, bullet belts, boots, hats and shotgun customizations
  • 40% discount adjustments for the hunting knife, melee weapons, shotguns, shotgun ammunition, arrows and the improved bow
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