RE4 HD Project Update: Complete remaster of the Split Paths campaign and Mercenary mode

resident evil 4 hd project

Albert reported on the completed work of remastering the Mercenaries mode as well as Ada’s Divided Paths campaign.

I decided to tell you a little about the project in video format, so I suggest you take a look at the work done. God … it took me an eternity to prepare these videos! Now I see how much work a real YouTuber has to do to create cool content, haha.

Completed Split Paths right now, and all renders of the beginning and end of chapters (you can see them all at the end of the video).

He not only increases the size of textures but also creates new models, fixes lighting and other bugs. Some screenshots show such high quality that one might even think that this project is being created by an official studio with a large budget.

And he also said that the project is nearing completion.

So now I have to do the final revision of the last two chapters and make a ton of minor tweaks throughout the game based on the feedback.

Albert also translated all the cutscenes of Ada’s campaign using improvised methods from the original 512×336 resolution to 1920×1080, and some of them, used on the engine, now look much better due to the reworking of textures and models of all maps.

Resident Evil 4 HD Project does not have a release date yet, but the developer has already shown all parts of the game and recently announced that he hired a programmer to fix bugs in the original port code on the PC.

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