Quest to Solve Rot in Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

In the Chapter 2 quest “Rot” from Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader you have to put an end to the so-called Anvers gang. You can find out where you get the quest and how you can solve it in this guide. Image source: Screenshot Find and accept GIGA Chapter 2 quest “Rot” As soon as you enter Footfall for the first time, a fight against some Anvers followers awaits you. Once you have defeated them, you can enter the atrium of Footfall and from there get to the liege’s palace. Here you get to know Vladaym Tocara, who on the one hand is fighting against the food shortage on Footfall and on the other hand has problems with the criminal Anvers gang. The quest “Rot” is unlocked during the conversation. Your task is to put an end to the activities of the Anvers gang. As soon as you leave the palace again, the gang will attack you again. With the exception of an unerring sniper, the enemies shouldn’t present you with too much of a challenge. Once you have defeated them, you will find a note from the leader of the group. Find out more about the strange gang Enter the shadow quarters to track down the gang. The mission instructions read as follows: “It is worth taking a closer look at the belongings of the Anvers victims and looking for further evidence… A note found on the body of an Anvers leader reads ‘Sector 2’”. So you should find sector 2. However, this note is a little misleading because the location name “Sector 2” simply cannot be found on the map. Head back to the “To the Rest of Footfall” exit. An overview map opens and you can visit the shadow quarters. Do that and then keep left from the entrance. Ember can perform powerful area-of-effect attacks with his hammer. Another Anvers gang awaits you here, which is under the command of Ember: a hammer-wielding muscleman whose area attacks can do a lot of damage. Spread your group out at generous distances and try to force a warrior from your group into close combat in order to keep all damage from other group members. Then search Glut’s corpse and you will find another note that describes in more detail where the Anvers gang was found. Access should be in the shaded areas. The turnoff to the entrance can already be seen from the Adeptum Amasecus. The latter is a bar where you can also meet a future companion: Jae Heydari. However, you don’t need to know where the Adeptus Amasecus is located. Visit the Anvers base Within the red marking you will find the access point to the Anvers base. Instead, continue along the path where you encountered embers and finally take the stairs down. Follow the path further south and you will find the “Dark Hideout” entrance. This is the Anvers base that you have to visit in order to take a significant step closer to completing the Chapter 2 quest. Inside you will meet Anver-Obermotz, with whom you will be involved in a short conversation before you have to assert yourself in another battle. The Obermotz deactivates the room’s ventilation and creates a toxic cloud that you can only make disappear again by interacting with the terminal. The Anvers-Obermotz deactivates the ventilation and floods the room with a cloud of poison. However, you have to reach the terminal first because there are a dozen armed gang members standing in your way. We therefore recommend that you initially ignore the poison cloud. The damage caused by the poison is simply too small to pay attention to. Because the enemy troops form a crowd relatively quickly (if, for example, you serve them with a melee fighter at the front as a decoy), the use of area attacks is ideal in this fight. Offering benefits… … psykers who can unleash a lightning arc using a psionic staff. … soldiers who are able to wound multiple enemies with volley fire. …Warriors equipped with two-handed swords and capable of area-of-effect attacks (e.g. Ember’s energy hammer). As soon as you have eliminated the Anvers gang, the quest is considered completed. Now activate the ventilation and search the room for goods. You’ll find some useful items, like the Anver Chainsword (12-16 damage), the Pirate Bandana (+20 Compulsion, -5 Mindfulness), and a Flame Pistol (11-16 damage).