PS5 update coming soon, it will be a big change

You will be happy to hear that your beloved Sony console is updated! In fact, your PS5 with this new update will change radically by adding a function that no one expected.

It can no longer be said that the next gen console have just come out, in fact, these powerful machines have been on the market for almost 2 years now, without users having yet been able to see what they are able to do. In fact, because of the semiconductor crisis and of pandemic, there are many users who have had to wait for one of the two consoles and there are those who are still waiting.

And what do you play on your PS5? (Source: Playstation)

Another problem is related to the fact that even if you have a next gen console, that is PS5 or Xbox Series X / S, unfortunately most of the titles are o cross Jan, or they are enhanced versions of the old generation, something that still does not suggest the true potential of consoles.

PS5: the update changes everything

Since the PS5 He had a considerable support by the developers and technicians thus managing to make it faster and more powerful, also adding some excellent features, unfortunately, however, one has been canceled precisely because of a problem triggered by the players.

ps5 update
The logo best known by gamers. (Source: Playstation YouTube)

But finally things seem to be going for the right direction for gamers, who in August will see many really interesting releases including one of the most popular Playstation exclusives of all time: Marvel Spiderman!

Sony users can therefore feel lucky in this period and the Playstation has decided to do too something extra which so far has limited its users a lot, adding a via function an update that can really change many things.

In fact, the latest PS5 update finally adds resolution 2K ie the 1440p, giving way to all console owners to be able to play on their own monitor or TV of this range.

Although at the moment it is a function Beta, there is the possibility that it will be quickly updated and rendered standard for all Sony home consoles. Also the update adds a new function for the presentation of the games and of activities in them as well as various minor improvements. Also, did you know that Playstation wants to give PS5s to those who decide to join the partners program? Here are the news.

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