Ps plus extra and premium treat us with 2 crazy free games πŸ”₯ – Next Stage

With the service PS Plus Extra and Premium, subscribers now have the opportunity to immerse themselves in two distinct game worlds for free, for a limited period. Among these newly accessible titles is Persona 5 Tactica, a captivating game that takes players on an extraordinary strategic adventure. But that's not all, because Dakar Desert Rally completes this offer, promising thrills to fans of rally simulations. This article explores the specifics of these games now available to PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers, providing a new perspective on what the service has to offer.

The strategic universe of persona 5 tactica

Persona 5 Tacticaaccessible in the PlayStation Store, offers a new gaming experience on PS5 and PS4. Launched on November 17, 2023, this title is playable for free for two hours until April 1, 2025. As its name suggests, it is a spin-off of the famous series Persona, introducing a tactical and strategic role dimension. Designed by Atlus, the game takes familiar characters from Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal, immersing them in a new adventure set in a parallel dimension. Certainly, it is advisable to have previously played Persona 5 to fully appreciate the game, because it is based on prior knowledge of the protagonists. According to Vandal, it is a simplified adaptation of the tactical role-playing game, specially designed to captivate fans of the franchise with multiple references to Persona 5 and his predecessors.


The rally feeling dakar desert rally

As for driving simulations, Dakar Desert Rally offers a completely different experience. Available since October 4, 2022, this game allows players to compete in more than 30 stages of the 2020, 2021 and 2022 editions of the famous Dakar rally. The game invites you to pilot a variety of vehicles – motorcycles, cars, trucks, quads and SSVs – across deserts and mountainous terrain, day and night and in various climatic conditions. Dakar Desert Rally focuses on authenticity with officially licensed vehicles, teams and drivers, while aiming to be accessible thanks to optional driving aids adapted to all levels of players. In addition to its story mode, the game also offers multiplayer events, allowing PlayStation Premium and Extra subscribers to compete for free for two hours, until July 2, 2024.

Subscribe to ps plus extra and premium: advantages and opportunities

the access to Persona 5 Tactica And Dakar Desert Rally perfectly illustrates the benefits of subscribing to PS Plus Extra and Premium. This opportunity to discover games for free for a limited time embodies the renewal of the PlayStation offering, enriching subscribers' gaming experience with a variety of titles. Of Persona 5 Tacticawith its strategic issues and its immersive story, to Dakar Desert Rally and its breathtaking realism, each game offers a distinctive adventure, highlighting the diversity and richness of the PS Plus catalog.

Through this innovative approach, PlayStation confirms its commitment to providing not only quality content, but also unique experiences to its subscribers. For more information on the changes to the PS Plus service, do not hesitate to visit PlayStation plus changes everything:The end of the service as we know it? The community is stunned!.

The subscription benefits don't stop there, as PlayStation Plus Essentials users are also treated to their own surprises. To discover these exclusive benefits, click here: 2 incredible surprises offered for PlayStation Plus Essentials users! ” It's awesome ! “.


Comparison table of free games on ps plus

To better understand the differences and commonalities between Persona 5 Tactica And Dakar Desert Rallyconsult this summary table:

GameKindAvailabilityPlayable for free until
Persona 5 TacticaTactical/strategy role-playing gamePS5 and PS4April 1, 2025
Dakar Desert RallyRally simulationPS5 and PS4July 2, 2024

This table illustrates not only the diversity of genres offered to PS Plus subscribers, but also PlayStation's commitment to providing a varied and quality gaming experience. Access to these games, even for a short period, allows players to discover rich and deep gaming worlds, while benefiting from the exclusive advantages of their subscription.

Enjoy these games now on ps plus

PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers are invited to discover without further delay Persona 5 Tactica And Dakar Desert Rally, two landmark games offering unique gaming experiences. Whether you are attracted by the strategic charm of Persona 5 Tactica or by the adrenaline of Dakar Desert Rallythese titles will definitely enrich your game catalog.

Taking advantage of these free opportunities is a great way to try out new genres and discover captivating stories. These two hours of free play represent an invitation to explore, to learn and above all, to have fun. Don't miss this chance to experience new video game adventures with PS Plus Extra and Premium.