Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

A few months late, Gamecube and Xbox heroes are also enjoying themselves Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. You slip into the role of the eponymous youngster who, during a campaign, wants to impress his father by capturing a mystical dagger, but unintentionally triggers a catastrophe – the trickery of a rogue magician turns the entire palace population into sand monsters, except for you, only an imaginary one Slave is also spared.

In order to undo the mischief, you beat your way through the ruins to find the villain: Most of the time, it is important to guide your agile hero skillfully through the landscape: jump over chasms, climb pillars, swing agilely on flagpoles up or run along walls at the push of a button. Not only is there a risk of falling due to miscalculated jumps, the defense systems such as saw blades, sharp spikes and other niceties also pose a danger.

Don’t forget the sand zombies: They like to attack in small packs and want to be kept in check with sword blows. You can’t put them completely out of action with it, but fortunately you have the dagger with you: It finally finishes off fallen enemies and has other practical uses – if you have enough sand, you can slow down the time or even stop it at the push of a button rewind to correct mistakes made.

In terms of gameplay and content, the Xbox and Gamecube versions are identical to their PS2 brothers, but Microsoft princes can enjoy an additional goodie: In their versions, both are identical Prince of PersiaHidden ancestors, dice and PS2 heroes, on the other hand, only get the first part.