PRIME VIDEO: Fallout, the first teaser trailer is here, it atomizes everything!

This weekend takes place CCXP23Or Comic Con Experience from São Paulo if you prefer, where a panel dedicated to Prime Video was organized. The streaming platformAmazon took the opportunity to broadcast at the same time on the Web the very first teaser trailer for the series falloutwith a live upstream Galaxy News to keep you waiting, which you can review at the end of the article for the atmosphere. Earlier this week, we were treated to visuals shared by Vanity Fairwho already showed us the artistic direction of the project through a few shots that already sold the dream, much more than the leaked video of the gamescom. If you like the license of Bethesdayou should be delighted by these two good minutes which do him credit.

Trailer in French


Lucya resident ofVault 33 played by Ella Purnellwill therefore decide to go out and explore the outside world long after the Great War of 2077, despite the fears of his comrades. Outside, she will cross paths with a man played by Michael Emerson and his dog, who will advise her to return where she came from or to adapt to this new environment, which will not be easy, particularly because creatures that have mutated… He is quite right if we are to believe the scene where she is transported on a stretcher by a Mr. Handy.

We also have an overview from the perspective ofa member of the Brotherhood of Steel played by Aaron Moten on board a Vertipterusbut also several characters in Power armor moving and a nice shot of the ship Caswennan. The group will also be confronted with a Yao guai, a not exactly friendly mutant bear. If that’s not enough for you, the giant axolotl is sure to cause nightmares. For his part, there Ghoul played by Walton Goggins, carries out carnage with a revolver.

More interesting and surprising, it seems that theVault 33 is compromised and we see a strange character (the local supervisor?) with only one eye spitting out his coffee before talking to Lucy, A Pip-Boy clearly visible on his left forearm. Certainly, mutations can occur in this universe, but this is surprising. The end of the video shows us his side the tragic events leading to this situation, namely the dropping of nuclear bombs ravaging Los Angeles here.

By the way, if the creators of Westworld Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are executive producers of this series, we are reminded that Todd Howard was also involved. Some promotional posters highlighting the three main characters and a dog can be found below.


Based on one of the greatest video game sagas of all time, Fallout tells the story of people who have and people who have nothing, in a world where there is little left to share. . 200 years after the apocalypse, the residents of luxurious fallout shelters are forced to return to the hellish, irradiated landscapes that their ancestors left behind – and discover to their amazement that an incredibly complex, joyfully disturbed and ultra-violent universe awaited them.

Trailer in English

Fallout live action poster 02 02 12 2023Fallout live action poster 03 02 12 2023 Fallout live action poster 04 02 12 2023

All that remains is to wait until April 12, 2024 to discover falloutwhich already promises to be a hell of a bomb in the catalog of Prime Video. You can subscribe to the service for €6.99 per month or €69.90 per year.

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