Price of Stunning 65-Inch Television Reduced by Over €500

(Deal of the day) The Frame from Samsung is a television for those who don't like having a big black rectangle in their living room. Its chalkboard appearance allows you to display a work of art when you're not using it. The large 65-inch model is currently on sale.

What is the promotion on this Samsung QLED TV?

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What is this Samsung The Frame TV?

The Frame is a 2022 QLED TV with a sleek design and excellent performance. Its frame around the screen gives it the appearance of a painting to blend in as much as possible with the decor. With its large diagonal of 65 inches, or 163 cm, the painting effect is more than welcome. Its QLED panel offers a 4K Ultra HD image, and compatibility with HDR and HDR10+ standards, but without Dolby Vision. The image is sharp and precise with good brightness. The few contrast issues are easily corrected via the image presets. Note that Upscaling technology is responsible for optimizing 1080p content into 4K definition.

Players will be able to connect their PS5 or Xbox Series via the HDMI 2.1 ports, even if Ubaldi's technical sheet says otherwise. The refresh rate of up to 100 Hz allows games to run in good conditions. Audio level, the sound is correct for TV speakers, but lacks power and detail. An optical digital audio output allows you to connect an additional sound installation, such as a soundbar, and take full advantage of Dolby Atmos.

Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose - John Singer Sargent - 1885 // Source: Samsung
The Frame can display photos and paintings // Source: Samsung

On sale, is The Frame a good deal?

It's a bargain at this base price, for a large, stylish screen. The particularity of the Samsung television is that it can display a work of art, thanks to its matte-coated panel, ideal for displaying paintings. The rendering is realistic and the painting illusion works. Since nothing is too good, some works of art are available for free on the Samsung Art Store, while others, the vast majority, require a paid subscription. The latter, priced at €4.99 per month, gives you access to thousands of paintings and photographs.

Finally, Samsung's Tizen operating system accompanies The Frame. The usual applications and classic SVOD services are present, with ergonomic and fluid menus overall. You will be able to control the TV by voice using the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants.


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