Pre-registration now available for Ultimate Sackboy, new Little Big Planet spin-off for iOS and Android

Developer Exient has announced a partnership with Playstation Studios that will bring much-loved Little Big Planet star Sackboy to mobile devices in the new game Ultimate Sackboy.

So far, the Little Big Planet series hasn’t made us happy with mobile titles or ports, so this is great news for those who want to see an adorable baby on their smartphone.

Ultimate Sackboy is an endless runner featuring characters from the Little Big Planet series. Sackboy isn’t the only hero you’ll interact with. There are many others in this world, including already familiar enemies of the series. If you are a fan of the franchise, you will definitely like this project.

In terms of gameplay, you can already guess what you’re getting into. Think of something like Temple Run or Subway Surfers and you’ll get the idea. The game has several tracks on which you have to jump, while dodging various obstacles and enemies that will make obstacles.

However, the game will have different modes: leaderboards to compete for the first places, PvP mode in which you can fight with rivals, as well as daily tasks. All the while, you’ll be collecting various cosmetic items to make your character unique, allowing you to truly express yourself while leaving your opponents to swallow the dust.

If you’re a fan of the franchise or just looking for a new endless runner game, pre-register with Ultimate Sackboy at this link. Unfortunately, it’s only available for Android for now.

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