Pre-order EA Sports FC 24 now and secure exclusive bonuses

FIFA becomes EA Sports FC 24: The latest offshoot of the best football simulation not only comes with a different name, but also some exciting innovations.

It’s the end of September, which means it’s time for a new FIFA! But wait, there was something – EA’s genre leader will be called EA Sports FC 24 from this year! If you order from Saturn right before the release on September 29th, you will receive, among other things, exclusive pre-order bonuses and also save on shipping costs!

It’s worth ordering now!

With a new version there are of course a lot of improvements and new features. The engine has been thoroughly polished and certain stars have also been given special dribbles and movements that they are known for.

Ultimate Team fans can now also shoot around with female soccer players Rabonas, which provides even more options for squad planning. If you’re planning on getting into trading card mode, it’s especially worth ordering now. Among other things, there is a jersey exclusive to MediaMarkt and Saturn as well as decorative items for your team.

These bonuses await you as a pre-order:

  • EA Sports FC 24 Standard Edition (Main Game)
  • Exclusively at MediaMarkt and Saturn: In-game jersey for Ultimate Team
  • Exclusively at MediaMarkt and Saturn: In-game decoration items for Ultimate Team
  • Two Haaland loan professional items
  • Two Ambassador Loan Professional Choice items
  • Unlocked playstyle slot in clubs
  • Additional personality points in the player’s career
  • 5-star coach can be hired in the manager career

Pre-order EA Sports FC 24 now

Ultimate Team: Companion and Web App is launching very soon

You can get started with your Ultimate Team on September 20th. The web app starts there; the companion app for Android and iOS launches a day later. You can find more information on the topic in this article by colleagues from the MeinMMO editorial team:

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