Practical Tips to Enhance Your Cherry Blossom Photography – Capture Stunning Shots with these Expert Recommendations

One of the most classic photography themes in spring is flowers, and when it comes to spring flowers, you can’t do without them.Cherry blossoms.

During the Qin and Han Dynasties more than 2,000 years ago, my country already had records of planting cherry blossoms. Nowadays, when it comes to cherry blossoms, many people will think of Japan. However, due to the large variety of cherry blossoms and their strong adaptability, they can also be enjoyed in many places in our country. To the cherry blossom view.


So, how to take better photos of this element that has a spring atmosphere?

Today I bring you some practical tips:

1. Exposure control

Friends who have experienced cherry blossom photography know that when photographing cherry blossoms, the most difficult part to deal with is the branches of the cherry blossom tree. Because their color is gray and black, their shapes are diverse and dense, if the shooting effect is not controlled well, there will be spots among the flowers. It looks very eye-catching and affects the overall effect.

For this problem, we canIncrease exposure appropriatelyreduce the sense of violation of branches in the picture;


When shooting, you can choose a place with sufficient light. At the same time, you can shoot at an angle where the cherry blossoms are relatively dense to cover the impact of the branches.

For pink flowers like cherry blossoms, appropriately increasing the exposure can also give the picture a dreamy and romantic feel. We can pay attention to this technique when shooting or post-processing.

2. Color matching

The pink color of cherry blossoms is also relatively easy to match. Here are two color matching ideas for you:

One isSame color combinationsuch as pink with orange, warm green, etc. It is particularly important to note that colors with low saturation are more suitable for matching with cherry blossoms, and with sufficient exposure, they give a very spring feeling;

two iscomplementary colorsblue and cyan are very suitable for matching with cherry blossom pink, and they can look very attractive under the color contrast. For example, the pure sky is very suitable as the background to appear in the picture;

Navy blue, dark cyanIt is also very suitable to match with cherry blossom pink, and this color combination looks more artistic. For example, in the photo below, the pink petals combined with the dark blue lake water look very comfortable.

3. Weather

Photographing cherry blossoms is very easily affected by the weather. Good weather can help us take better-looking photos.

The first thing to note is that the flowering period of cherry blossoms lasts about a week. A strong wind or rain may cause the blooming flowers to disappear, so you need to watch the weather to seize the shooting opportunity.

Secondly, cherry blossoms are more suitable forsunnyWhen shooting, the effect of cherry blossoms will be better when there is sufficient sunshine and a clear sky. The effects of cherry blossoms on cloudy, cloudy, and rainy days are almost uninteresting;

And if you encounter special weather, such as sunset, wind blowing petals, etc., you can take rare and wonderful effects;

Finally, it should be noted that in good weather, not all time periods can produce good results. For example, the light at noon is too hard, while the light at three or four o'clock in the afternoon or around nine o'clock in the morning is just right.

4. Scenery matching

No matter how beautiful the cherry blossoms are, they will lose their flavor if you see them too much. Only when paired with a suitable scenery can they be more attractive.

In addition to the sky and lake we mentioned above, cherry blossoms are also very suitable for matching with buildings, especially for shooting with cherry blossoms as the foreground;

Of course, you can also use cherry blossoms to match portraits. If you want better shooting effects, you can make more preparations for the color of the character's clothing. Wear the same color as the cherry blossoms, such as white, pink, light yellow, light green, etc. The characters are perfectly integrated into the environment, the picture effect will be very harmonious, and the post-production operation will be very simple.