Polish rival at the World Cup found a way for Michniewicz’s team? It’s about Lewandowski’s Polish National Team

The World Cup in Qatar is fast approaching. The Polish national team will inaugurate the tournament with a match against Mexico, which will take place on November 22. The local media are already watching the actions of Czesław Michniewicz’s team and are looking for a way in which their players could outplay the Poles.

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Mexico is looking for a way to represent Poland. “Polish defense looked bad”

After Thursday’s meeting with the Netherlands, the espndesportes.com portal analyzed the game of the Polish representatives. Journalists highlighted the five weakest points that could help the Mexicans win the opening match at the Qatar World Cup.

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One of the elements the Mexicans pointed out is a poor defensive game. It is no secret that this is the greatest pain of the White and Reds in recent times. “The Polish defense looked bad when it tried to come out with the ball, and the Dutch players have repeatedly used the space left by the central defenders to send passes that pierce the defensive line” – the authors emphasized.

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Problems in defense, but also in attack. “Robert Lewandowski looked very lonely”

Journalists of this portal also noticed weaknesses in the offensive game – “gray panorama in attack” – they wrote. One of the problems of the Poles was to be the loneliness at the front of Robert Lewandowski. “Robert Lewandowski looked very lonely. The Barcelona striker rarely touched the ball in the first half and more than once he was seen going to the center of the field to help defensively. In the last minutes of the first half,” Lewy “got irritated with his teammates” – it was noted.

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“Have you seen it? Poland, Mexico’s first rival at the World Cup, was devoured by the Netherlands. Poles have Lewandowski in their squad, they played at home, but it was not enough” – wrote the foxdesportes.com portal. Stopping and irritating Lewandowski could be one of Mexico’s keys to scoring points against Poland.

Poland also does not intend to linger before the match with Mexico. Cezary Kulesza confirmed that the Poland-Chile clash will take place just before the World Cup in Qatar. This rival was chosen for a reason. It is to prepare our team for the match against Mexico. Chile is to present a similar style of play as our group rivals.

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